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Beginner's Guide to Impact Toys

Impact ToysOne of the most popular practices in BDSM is the actual striking of your play partner. This can be a daunting endeavour for some - we are taught to not hit others! However, when a good, trusting bond is established between people, the erotic potential of pain can be a significantly sexy scene. It is, however, important to learn how to hit your partner in a sexy way - and what tools you both might enjoy doing it with.

Most people starting out with impact play won’t use a device at all. The hand is the best gateway to enjoying impact pain and pleasure. A spank on the bottom will demonstrate to both the top and the bottom the power and pleasure. With each spank, the person receiving will feel increasing amounts of pain as the body reacts. Blood will flow to the area being struck. The person dishing out the pain will feel it as well, in their hand. This is an important step in understanding impact, and being able to feel the sensation you want to dish out will help you spank and hit properly.

Take care

Care is a very important part of impact play. Regardless of the type of spanking toy you use, it is essential that you check on your partner throughout the experience. Verbally ask if they are alright and help to soothe their skin along the way. A good practice is rubbing the skin tenderly after strikes. Some people like this after every time and others want it less frequently. Not only is it soothing, but it is also intimate and maintains your connection through a more dangerous act.

Spank in the right locations

It is also important to know what parts of the body should and should not be the locations of impact play. Never strike your partner in the head, neck or chest. Doing so can result in significant medical issues. It is best to keep your impact action to the fleshy parts of the body, or those with wide expanses of skin. The buttocks, thighs and the back are good places to enjoy impact play.

Be prepared for marks on the skin

Another factor for folks who enjoy erotic strikes and sensation is the potential of leaving visible marks. While it depends on how you choose to play, bruises are a significant reality in impact fun. Bruises can also lead to questions and looks if they emerge in places that are visible to the general public. You may want to avoid these areas altogether, but it can be pretty hard to hide marks if you’re someone who works out at a gym or likes to swim. Just something to consider and remember.

Choose the right impact toys

When you have learned how to spank and are ready to try something new, check out the many different impact toys you and your partner will enjoy:

Whips & Floggers

Whips & Floggers

Versatile toys that combine the potential of both pain and tease, whips and floggers are the perfect intermediate bondage toy. They can sting and hurt when brought down sharply. Or they can tease and tickle when used lightly. And don’t forget that indelible sound!



These essential tools look big and scary - and they certainly can be - but, really, they aren’t designed to hurt a lot. Paddles spread sensation over a wide area of skin and stimulate the blood underneath. They get the nerves tingling!

Crops & Canes

Crops & Canes

When you’re ready to introduce more of the seductive sensation of pain, crops and canes are the toys you need. These devices centre the pain in the area of impact to concentrate the sensation. After every strike, the skin becomes oh-so-delicate to the touch

Feather Ticklers

Feather Ticklers

Sometimes a light touch can be just as teasingly painful as a heavy one! Feather ticklers move so lightly over the skin, stirring up intense sensation. Entirely enticing or a very tempting tease, ticklers will surely excite!

How can I buy impact toys?

If you want to start or add to your bondage collection with impact toys, we have your needs covered. Just head on over to our impact toys category: Buy Impact Toys.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if impact toys are right for you and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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