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Beginner's Guide to Penis Pumps

penis pumpThere are many different meanings and references associated with the term Holy Grail. Some will recall it as one of the most significant items in the Christian religion. Others might only know the term from a hilarious 1970s comedy. Others use the term more colloquially, as something you think will really help you achieve eternal happiness.

And that is where the sex aspect of the Holy Grail comes in. While the idea might be a little gender biased, there is definitely one type of item that could be considered the holy grail of the sexual world. Is there such a product that can make penises bigger and make them last longer? Is there such a device that can strengthen erections and provide both you and your partner greater sexual satisfaction?

If there is anything that has come close to achieving this sexual Everest, it is the time-tested and true power of the penis pump! Though sometimes played off as a gag, penis pumps can be fantastic aids in the bedroom with both short and long-term benefits. This one device just might change your sex life.

What are penis pumps?

Sex toys and aids have made amazing strides and advances in the past 30 years, with penis pumps being an excellent addition to any man’s pleasure chest. While the idea of penis pumps is not new, their refinement has greatly improved.

Different models of penis pumps share some similar features and traits. They are all, generally, a long cylinder (glass or plastic), an air pump and a release valve. These are the basic parts of a penis pump, with other, more complex models offering more advanced features.

Penis pumps fit on a penis and provide suction to strengthen and widen that person’s erection. The vacuum-effect increases the blood flow to the penis, further expanding the erectile tissue and further engorging the cock with blood. This increase in size is more noticeable in girth than length, but the end result is a bigger, sturdier erection.

Why should I try penis pumps?

Penis pumps are a great addition to both your sex life and your personal well-being. Our world places a distinct emphasis on penis size. This isn’t really right because all penises, regardless of size, are awesome, but if it makes you feel better to increase the size of your penis, then you do you and feel happy.

The better reason is to improve the quality of your and your partner’s sex life. If the two of you feel like a bit more girth would help you both orgasm, pump away! If you’d like your cock to be harder and last longer, squeeze that bulb and get it harder!

These are very pleasure-oriented reasons, but there are others - penis pumps can greatly help people who have medical or psychological reasons for getting or maintaining erections. Before you jump to pharmaceutical help to get hard, try a penis pump. Erectile dysfunction can be the result of various different issues including diabetes, injury or trauma. Using a penis pump to increase the blood flow in a penis can help greatly with all of these symptoms.

What type of penis pump is right for me?

bathmate penis pumpThere are various types of penis pumps on the market, and the key is to find the right size and shape for you. The size is the most important aspect to consider. In order for a penis pump to work, you must be able to create a tight seal at the base of the cock to trap the air and make the vacuum-effect. While you need a penis pump that is bigger than the girth of your cock at present, you can’t go too big or you won’t get a proper seal. Take a measurement, if possible, of your erect penis and then shop around for pumps that feature a diameter a bit bigger than that. This will ensure a snug fit and the best pumping results. If you can’t find a size and seal that seems just right, there are universal seals that can be attached to penis pumps to help.

Another aspect of penis pumps you should be comfortable with is the design. You should always be able to reach both the air pump bulb and release easily when using the toy - particularly the release. Penis pumping sessions should only last 20 minutes or less, and you might need to release sooner if you feel you need to. Don’t get too caught up in the moment that you can’t find and engage that release at any time!

Now that you’re introduced to penis pumps, learn how to use them in our How to Use Penis Pumps Guide!

How can I buy a penis pump?

If you would like to increase the size of your erection with a penis pump just head over to our penis pumps category: Buy Penis Pumps.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a penis pump is right for you and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.

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