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Erotica: House Guests

Erotica: House Guests

Jim was shocked when Terry reached over and stroked his wife, Michelle’s knee, but nowhere near as surprised as when he then felt Mandy’s hands caress his neck from behind. Both he and Michelle looked at each other with wide eyes—but neither put a stop to the movements. In fact, this is exactly what they’ve been hoping for, they just thought they’d have to initiate the action!

Michelle and Jim had been dreaming of approaching this couple for a long time. Now, with Jim’s hand moving up Michelle’s leg and his tongue snaking into her mouth, their desire was starting to become a reality. Mandy reached forward and unbuttoned Jim’s shirt and her skillful hands caressed his chest and stroked his nipples. Were he not already hard at the sight of his wife parting her legs, he’d be busting out of his pants for sure. Good thing his jeans weren’t in any danger—Mandy had already moved over in front of him and was tugging the fly down to release his beast. Once his cock flew open and into the air, she took him deep in her throat. Her mouth felt so damn good!

Jim must have been working from the same playbook as he was now on his knees in front of Michelle with his face buried in her pussy. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed. Gasps and groans came softly from her lips as Jim’s oral pleasuring must have been as expert as Mandy’s. How do these two ever leave the house? Their 69s must be epic! Terry continued to watch his wife as her body shuddered through her first orgasm.

That must have turned both Terry and Mandy on ever more because her cock sucking increased and he reached over to finger his wife underneath her dress. As Michelle started to come down from her cum, she stroked Terry’s hair. But this was all just a pit stop.

The two of them led us down onto the soft carpet, Michelle on her hands and knees and me on my back. Terry guided Michelle’s face to mine and we kissed lustily. And that kiss got even hotter as she felt Terry’s cock sliding into her pussy and Mandy lowered her’s down onto me. They both mounted us and proceeded to fuck our brains out!

Michelle’s soft lips never left mine—not once—throughout this amazing experience. Even when she moaned when Terry pounded her hard from behind. Even when I groaned as Mandy bucked up and down on my dick and pinned my arms to the floor. They were using us as mere toys for their pleasure, but at the same time allowing us—and encouraging a higher place of intimacy we’d never before experienced.

In no time at all, I could hear Terry grunting and exclaiming his desire to fill Michelle with his cum. Mandy was out of her mind with passion and had exploded repeatedly on my cock. Just as Michelle had done on Terry’s. All of this was too much and as soon as Terry yelled out a deep “Fuck yeah” I lost it and blew my load deep inside Mandy. Everybody’s orgasm seemed to hit at the exact same time and the room was an unbelievable mix of ecstasy.

As everybody calmed down, we shared the fact we’d hoped to seduce them and everybody had a good laugh. Until Mandy caught my eye and said, “Well, then, we’ll be waiting for it, next time.”

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Jon Pressick

Jon Pressick is the sex community's international gadabout and Cherry Banana's writer in residence. An award-winning sex writer and blogger, Jon is the editor of the critically-acclaimed Best Sex Writing of the Year, Volume 1. He is a frequent contributor to Cherry Banana with a range of sex-related content and his writing has appeared in numerous magazines and books, as well as all across the Internet. Jon is also a co-host and producer of the long-running sex radio show Sex City. You can keep up with his many sex-related articles here at Cherry Banana or at his own blog, Sex in Words.

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