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Erotica: May I?

Erotica: May I?

Do you ever let the music take over your body, your mind, your soul? Do you ever lose yourself completely, giving your whole being over to the beat, to the rhythm, to the energy?

I spend a lot of time in clubs of all sorts, dancing as often as I can. Sometimes I go alone, sometimes with friends. Some might find it strange, but I think I like it better when I go by myself. I don’t have to waste time talking to others, I can just stake my claim to a small patch of heaven on the dancefloor.

Last night was a first. I hit my favourite spot, Fever, at just the right time. As if on cue when I walked in the door, the dj launched into a fantastic mix featuring deep and throbbing bass. I was completely in my element and in love with the world as soon as I walked in the door. One thing I love about Fever is that it isn’t big. And on a good night, it gets pretty packed. And hot. And sweaty. Because I’m a regular, the bouncers all know me well. I’m the girl who punches guys who get too close and try to feel me up. And jerks try to all the time. I’m small, I’ve got great hair, a fantastic ass and big tits. But I am not their plaything and the staff all know when to boot a bastard out. I feel safe here.

Last night though, someone took some liberty with my body and I was fine with it. In fact, I loved it. And now I continue to dream about what her hand did to me.

There I was, deep in a groove, a bunch of songs in and a sultry sweat worked up. I could feel the sheen on my skin and see it on others. On my own tonight, I’m here to dance... but looking around is permitted, but I wasn’t keen to pick up. Many had been looking me up and down, but I just stayed in my own groove.

Until I saw her. Until I saw her looking at me. Until I saw her standing in front of me. Stunning in her tight short shorts and tank top, she reached out a hand toward mine. “May I?” she asked - a rare show of manners in a crowded club. I gave her my hand and she gently pulled me close to her. As our bodies came together, we found that beat together, our skin connecting and sliding together. We carried on, feeling each other gently for song after song.

Eventually, she said “May I?” again and after I nodded, I felt her lips on mine.

The feeling was electric and I eagerly embraced her sweetness. We made out for what seemed like an eternity, until, again, she whispered in my ear, “May I?” But this time, her hand was hovering right above the waist of my jeans.

Here? In the club? On the dancefloor?

I couldn’t believe it, but I nodded yes again. She entranced me as much as the music did. Keeping her body close to shield our lust from prying eyes, her fingers reached into my panties and found the inside of my body. Leaning my head on her shoulder, I moaned into her ear. I could feel her cheeks tighten in a smile.

And she timed it perfectly. The music was reaching a high level crescendo. The beat was intense and so were her fingers on my needy clit. The sweat poured between us as my juice soaked her hand. As the music peaked in a stunning climax of musical temptation, I gave way to her and breathed an intense orgasm right into her neck. She held me tight and upright, my body shook so much. I’d have fallen right to the floor, collapsed just as the music had.

The DJ mixed right into a song with a slow incline, all melody. I looked at her smiling face and kissed her lips again. Deftly, she pulled her hand from my jeans and licked her fingers. And then she was gone, just as a new beat started.

About Jon Pressick
Jon Pressick

Jon Pressick is the sex community's international gadabout and Cherry Banana's writer in residence. An award-winning sex writer and blogger, Jon is the editor of the critically-acclaimed Best Sex Writing of the Year, Volume 1. He is a frequent contributor to Cherry Banana with a range of sex-related content and his writing has appeared in numerous magazines and books, as well as all across the Internet. Jon is also a co-host and producer of the long-running sex radio show Sex City. You can keep up with his many sex-related articles here at Cherry Banana or at his own blog, Sex in Words.

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