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Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll

Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Dollhover image to zoom
Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll
Listen To Me Moan

Fully Customisable 140cm (4ft 6) TPE Lifelike Love Doll

Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll

  2 reviews

Fully Customisable 140cm (4ft 6) TPE Lifelike Love Doll

In Stock - We'll start designing your doll as soon as you order! See delivery times.


Customisable Options

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* Skin Colour:
* Wig Style:
* Eye Colour:
* Areola Colour:
* Areola Size:
* Labia Colour:
* Vagina Type:
* Nail Colour:
* Pubic Hair:
* Pubic Colour:
* Foot Type:
* Moaning Voice:
* Heating:
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Free Express Delivery On Orders Over $200
Product Description
Fully Customisable 140cm (4ft 6) TPE Lifelike Love Doll

Hey there guys! My name is Bambi and I'm the sweetest little thing you ever did meet. That is, until we get between the sheets…

Some might look at my petite body, pretty face and sexy white lingerie and think I'm just a gentle, little doe. Don't let that fool you! I'm ready to be your ultimate sex companion! I'm 140cm (4ft 6) of pure sexual pleasure.

Did you peek at my body? My tight, little bum and small, perky breasts will give you more than you can handle. Run your hands over my silky, soft skin. It's so perfect it feels life like. Made from the highest quality TPE material, it will never breakdown and will always feel great. My whole body will amaze you. My steel alloy skeleton is strong and flexible so you can have me any way you desire. You can put me into every position you crave. I can do them all!

I know you'll want to get inside me in every way possible. I love showing off for you in these photos, but the best parts of me are inside my 3 love holes. I can't wait for you to slip inside my soft mouth, my tight vagina and my firm ass. They are all so tight and sensual! Each one features a special texture that will drive you wild with passion!

Maybe you like me slim and flat-chested, but you’d like me to look a little different? You can have me any way you want, by customising every part of me! You can choose my skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and hairstyle. Will you please pick the perfect colour for my finger and toe nail polish? You can also ensure that all of my sexy bits are exactly to your liking. Choose my nipple colour and areola size, my pubic hair (bushy or bare?) and my labia colour. Make me your complete fantasy woman by adding extra features, including warming, moaning and standing.

When you choose me as your Cherry Doll, you'll receive top service, from the moment you place your order to the many times after I arrive. I come with a 6 month warranty to take care of any issues, although I don't think we'll have any problems together, only good times! I'm made with only the best quality materials and care. I won’t deteriorate and don't carry a smell, unlike some other sex dolls on the market. Cleaning instructions and extras are included in my box, so you'll know how to take proper care of me.

With free delivery to any location in the world and all customs taxes and duties paid for by Cherry Banana, you can rest easy knowing the advertised price is the only price you'll pay for me. I'll travel to your doorstep in a strong and safe storage box with discreet packaging for your privacy. Nobody is going to know that I'm inside the box waiting for you! Don’t worry, I'll be delivered quickly and come ready for you to enjoy as soon as I arrive!

Sweet? Yes. Pretty? Of course. Sexually stunning? Just you wait and see.

Key Features:

  • Super realistic TPE material feels like real skin
  • Metal skeleton to hold any position easily
  • 3 love holes - vaginal, anal and oral
  • Textured inner love holes for maximum pleasure
  • Perky breasts and firm butt to play with
  • Able to be customised to your liking
  • Quality materials are made to last, even for prolonged use
  • Moaning option for orgasm sounds when you play
  • Full heating option for added realism
  • Safe to use with no particular smell
  • Made from 100% medical non-toxic material, CE and ROHS certified
  • Non-porous, latex free and easy to clean
  • Free accessories included
  • 6 month warranty on damages, repairs and faults
  • Free worldwide delivery

Bambi is pictured with medium coloured skin.

Bambi comes with 6 free accessories: Wig, lingerie, USB warming stick, cleaning device, medical gloves and a blanket.

FREE delivery, customs and taxes!

When you place an order for your Cherry Doll, you don't have to worry about contacting customs for clearance or risk having your doll confiscated by the authorities. Every Cherry Doll includes free worldwide delivery, which includes all import duties and charges, customs clearance charges, GST and all costs associated with importing a sex doll. If your Cherry Doll arrives damaged by the freight company, we will replace her with no cost to you. This gives you complete confidence that the price advertised is the final price you'll pay.

Sex Doll FAQ

What material is used on my doll?

All Cherry Dolls use high-quality, medical-grade TPE material which feels realistic and soft, just like real skin. This covers most of the doll including the head, body, arms and legs, while the skeleton is made of a strong stainless steel alloy.

Will my doll deteriorate? How durable is the TPE material?

The quality TPE material used for all Cherry Dolls has gone through rigorous testing and is specially formulated to be very durable and not deteriorate over time with regular use. Proper care should be taken with your doll to ensure longevity and care instructions will be provided in your package upon delivery.

What if my doll needs to be repaired?

If your doll's TPE material is damaged or torn due to rough handling, we include a special TPE glue and detailed instructions in the package to handle minor repairs. For major repair work, please contact us. In case of cuts or breaks, please clean the cut first and dry it. We offer a 6 month warranty on all Cherry Dolls for repairs, faults and damages.

What do the 3 love orifices feel like?

Your doll comes with 3 openings for your pleasure, including a mouth, vagina and anus. Each one is soft to touch and super realistic for maximum pleasure and realism. The inner tunnels are lined with grooves and textures to provide an unforgettable experience.

What’s the difference between the built-in and removable vaginas?

Both have the same feeling and appearance although built-in vaginas are more robust and should last longer. Removable vaginas, however, are easier to clean.

Can my sex doll hold different positions?

Yes, the strong skeleton can hold all kinds of positions, just like a real body can. You can bend her over, move her legs, move her arms, position her torso and hold many other positions you desire.

Are standing options available for all dolls?

Yes, standing options are available for all dolls and can be positioned in a number of ways.

Are the wigs detachable or permanently sewn into the head of my doll?

Every doll comes with one fully detachable wig. This means you can mix and match your hair colour and style to your liking based on your mood and desires. The wigs are not sewn into the head of the doll.

Is the head detachable and can I change it with another head?

Yes, every Cherry Doll comes with a detachable and interchangeable head. If you want to swap the head of your doll, please send us a message and we can provide our full head catalogue.

Can I bathe with my doll and get it wet?

Yes! However, please be careful to remove any heating and sound options, as well as other electrical devices if any.

Do all dolls have both heating and moaning options?

You can choose to add or not add heating and sound options to all dolls. You can choose a doll with both functions, none of the functions or simply choose one or the other.

Which areas will heat up?

If you purchase the heating function, all areas will heat up with the exception of the head, neck, breasts, hands and feet. Even without the heating option, there is an included optional warming function for the vagina.

Can I change the voice recording to one of my own?

At the moment we only offer the one moaning recording on all Cherry Banana dolls and you can hear it with the button under the product images. This small moaning compartment fits perfectly in her head and under the wig, where it can't be seen.

What are the free customisable options?

Skin colour, eye colour, nail colour, labia colour and nipple colour are free options that we provide. Further options such as pubic hair, standing foot, heating and moaning are paid extras.

What else do I get with my doll?

A variety of free accessories are provided with your doll. These include a wig, underwear, vaginal warming stick, cleaning device, medical gloves and a blanket. It also comes with full care instructions to best look after your doll and ensure its longevity.

Delivery Information

How long will it take to get my Cherry Doll?

We estimate a time frame of 10 days total from the time of order to the delivery of your doll, though this can vary depending on delivery location and customs. It takes us approximately 2-3 days to produce your doll and then a further 4-7 days for final delivery to your location. The most suitable courier will be used depending on your delivery location. If you have any preference, just let us know when placing your order. We work fast to produce your doll and have her delivered as quickly as possible with no stress to you. You'll be able to track your delivery the whole way through.

Will I be able to track my delivery?

Yes, we provide full tracking details so you can track your shipment from start to finish.

Does the price include shipping costs?

Yes, we offer free delivery to any country in the world that allows the import of sex dolls.

Where will my doll ship from?

So we can reduce costs and provide more value, your doll will be sent from our warehouse in China where the dolls are designed and manufactured.

Will I have to pay any custom fees and duties?

No, we'll cover any custom charges, duties and taxes. The price you pay on our website is the final price you'll pay. You won't get hit with any additional costs or surprises!

How will my doll be packaged for delivery?

We take great care to pack your doll securely and carefully in a discreet double cardboard box to ensure your new companion arrives safely to her final destination. Your doll is packed to safely handle being vertically upright for short periods of time, but we strongly recommend storing the boxed doll horizontally.

What will my package look like?

We'll deliver your doll in plain, discreet packaging with no reference to our shop or the product inside.

Warranty, Returns & Repairs

Does my doll come with a warranty?

Yes, all Cherry Dolls come with a 6 month warranty to protect against faults, damages and other wear and tear. We also provide care instructions to best look after your doll and ensure its longevity, as well as TPE glue to fix any small tears or breaks that may occur with rougher use.

How do I make a warranty claim?

If you need to make a warranty claim on your Cherry Doll and it still falls within the 6 month warranty period, please contact us and we will be glad to assist. Please provide your name, order number and as much information as possible about the problem/s with your doll.

What happens when I make a warranty claim?

Before you send your doll back to us for repair and maintenance, we'll usually ask for information about the doll, including the damages and work required to fix. We may ask for photos or other sources to gain a better understanding of the problem and how to best resolve. If your doll needs to be repaired, we'll work directly with our manufacturer to fix the issue and we'll cover any repair and postage costs involved.

Can I get my doll fixed if it falls outside the 6 month warranty period?

Yes, you can. However, there will be delivery costs involved with the logistics to our manufacturer, as well as the costs of the actual repair of the doll. Proper care and maintenance will ensure longevity of your doll and instructions are provided in the package upon delivery.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges for change of mind or if I don't like my doll?

No. Please be careful making your selection as we don't offer refunds or exchanges if you don't like the doll or if you change your mind. Please take your time to select the right options.

Additional Information
Doll dimensions
  • Total height: 140cm (4ft 6)
  • Bust: 65cm (25.6")
  • Waist: 49cm (19.3")
  • Hips: 74cm (29.1")
  • Shoulder width: 25cm (9.8")
  • Arm length: 40cm (15.7")
  • Hand length: 17cm (6.7")
  • Leg length: 40cm (15.7")
  • Thigh length: 35cm (13.8")
  • Calf length: 32cm (12.6")
  • Foot length: 19cm (7.5")
Sexual entries
  • Total entries: 3
  • Entry types: Vaginal, Anal, Oral
  • Vagina depth: 18cm (7")
  • Anus depth: 16cm (6.3")
  • Oral depth: 13cm (5.1")
  • Vagina texture: Noduled, Ribbed
  • Anus texture: Noduled, Ribbed
  • Oral texture: Noduled
How it feels
  • Material: TPE, Metal skeleton
  • Texture: Smooth, Realistic
  • Density: Soft
  • Flexibility: Bendable, Flexible
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Contains latex: No
  • Contains phthalates: No
Essential info
  • Product Code: CD-76-BAMBI
  • Manufacturer: Cherry Banana
  • Brand: Cherry Dolls
  • To be used by: Men
  • Colour: Customisable
  • Type: Sex doll
  • Extra features: Smaller sized, Perky
  • Carton size: 133cm x 41cm x 28cm
  • Doll weight: 24kg (82lbs)
  • Shipping weight: 32kg (104lbs)
Customisable Options

Customise to your liking for a truly personalised experience. View the options below then add your selection using the drop down menus above the Add to Cart button near the top of the page.

Customer Reviews
2 reviews Rated 10 out of 10 from 2 reviews.
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Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll
Cherry Dolls Bambi Realistic Sex Doll
Fully Customisable 140cm (4ft 6) TPE Lifelike Love Doll
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Showing 2 reviews
Reviewed 05/10/2018 by HappyDollGuy
What an awesome doll. Great quality. Feels amazing to touch. Just can't believe how real the skin feels. Feels awesome being inside her. I recommend a water-based lube. I'm a very happy fella.
Overall Rating: 2 reviews (10 out of 10 stars)
What I liked
What isn't there to like?
What I didn't like
In a nutshell
Best ever
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Sex doll heaven
Reviewed 18/09/2018 by John
Bambi is an awesome sex doll from Cherry Banana. I bought her as was the best priced one on the site because of her smaller size. I wasn't too sure of how the quality would be, I guess it's a risk you take when buying anything online. But am VERY impressed with the quality once it arrived. The material is firm and squishy and you can't feel the metal skeleton at all like some other cheaper dolls I have felt. Face and body is just so realistic.

She bends easy so I can put her in heaps of positions and she doesn't move out of place. In saying that she is also easy to move around when you need to. Holds position nicely no matter what.

I really liked how she arrived too, as was a little scared about what it might look like. The box was plain and she was wrapped nicely in there without moving.

I've used this doll many times and she's basically part of the house now! Looking forward to more fun times together. Great price range and product.
Overall Rating: 2 reviews (10 out of 10 stars)
What I liked
Amazing quality, Holds positions
What I didn't like
Can't think of anything
In a nutshell
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