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Guide to Classic Vibrators

When we say ‘classic’, we don’t mean the Beethoven, Mozart kind. To us classic stands for traditional, simplistic and popular. Just like our range of classic vibrators.

These vibrators are one of our most popular sex toys, and rightly so. They have helped to improve the sex life of women, men and couples all over the world. So, you may be asking yourself, what exactly is a classic vibrator?


What is a classic vibrator?

Classic vibrators are what most people think of when the word “vibrator” is uttered. To put it simply, a classic vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that can significantly enhance your intimate moments. These toys are often simple in design, consisting of a phallic shaped shaft with vibration controls at the base. While the shaft is commonly smooth and sleek, many varieties on the market today offer ribs, textures, grooves and curved tips as well as a multitude of vibration settings, functions, sizes and colours.

Classic VibratorsFor beginners, classic vibrators are a safe choice. Their look and feel is less intimidating than some other types of vibrators on the market, including simpler vibration speeds and settings. They make a great choice for those wanting to test the waters and are ideal for couples wanting to introduce vibrator play into the bedroom but are a little unsure where to begin.

The majority of classic vibrators are battery powered by AAA, AA or C size batteries. The battery size varies depending on the strength of the motor driving the vibrator. Generally speaking, the more powerful the device is, the more batteries it takes to operate. Using brand new batteries will ensure you are always getting the most out of your vibrator, and trust us, you want that!

Many classic vibrators around today are completely waterproof, meaning they’re perfect for relaxing in the bath, shower or spa. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the environments these devices can be used in. Their ability to resist water makes them much easier to clean and look after.


What size classic vibrator is right for me?

These vibrators come in a variety of different sizes ranging from 3” to 12”. Working out which size is best for you can be half the fun. For vibrator beginners we recommend starting with something on the smallish side and working your way up to a bigger size when you feel more comfortable. Different sizes can unleash different sensations, so once you become more comfortable and learn what your body likes best, the sensations and pleasures will be much more satisfying. We promise.


What are classic vibrators made from?

Classic vibrators are made from a number of different materials. The most common are silicone, jelly and plastic. Depending on your preference, each type of material gives the vibrator a different look and feel.

SiliconeSilicone, which is often softer to the touch and ideal for more realistic looking classic vibes, is a sturdy and durable material which will ensure longevity. Soft and smooth with a silky feel, silicone is a luxury material that can significantly increase your pleasure. It warms to your body temperature which can make your experience much more realistic and enjoyable.

JellyJelly is a much softer material used in classic vibrators and gives the device a squishy look and feel. Jelly is a cheaper alternative to silicone vibrators as the material costs much less to manufacture and has a very similar effect. It is perfect for those wanting a super realistic feeling while being mindful of their bank account. Jelly is a common material used in realistic style classic vibes as it is easier and cheaper to mould. Classic vibrators with realistic veins and textures are often made from jelly.

PlasticPlastic is a hard material and is often used in smooth classic vibrators. The vibrations are not absorbed into the material like with silicone and jelly, often making them powerful in vibration. Plastic is easy to clean and look after and is very durable. It is also cheap to manufacture which generally means a plastic vibrator will be more affordable than some of their counterparts.


While silicone, jelly and plastic are the most common types of materials used in classic vibrators, they are certainly not limited to only those. On the market today are classic vibrators in a range of materials, including rubber, glass and metal, as well as being latex and phthalate free. We recommend trying a variety of different materials and discover which types you enjoy the best as everyone is different.


How do I use a classic vibrator?

When it comes to using a classic vibrator, there is no right or wrong way. How you decide to ‘get off’ is entirely up to you!

Traditionally, classic vibrators are made to be inserted into the vagina. Their phallic like shape make them perfect for vaginal penetration. Often containing vibration controls at the base of the device, positioning your sex toy and changing the speed settings can be done simultaneously using the same hand. If you choose a multi speed option, test out each speed setting and discover which works best for you. A fun way to do this is start with the speed down low to tease and tantalise and gradually build up to a faster speed when you feel a climax is approaching. Changing the speed setting up and down ensures you are in control of every aspect of your pleasure.

Before inserting your classic vibrator, we recommend applying a small amount of water-based or silicone based lubricant to enhance the experience. It is a good idea to spread a generous amount over the tip and shaft of the toy.

Buy a classic vibratorNot only is a classic vibrator great for vaginal insertion, they are also great for clitoral stimulation. No matter whether you’re using it alone or with a partner, providing clitoral pleasure is a guaranteed way to reach the orgasm you want. Many women will agree that a clitoral orgasm is much more intense and satisfying than a 'standard' orgasm.

As well as providing vaginal pleasures, classic vibrators are great for anal stimulation. Depending on the particular size, shape and design you choose, they can significantly increase your anal pleasure. Their modest look and design make them ideal for all experience levels, from anal beginners who are unsure where to start, to anal enthusiasts who appreciate the pleasure these toys can bring. Classic vibes can be teased around the anus or inserted; we'll leave that part up to you.

Classic vibrators are definitely not restricted to solo play. These sex toys can be used to intensify sexual activities with your partner. Lie back and let your partner explore your body when and where you need it most. We bet they'll enjoy it as much as you will.


How can I buy a classic vibrator?

If you would like to browse our range of classic vibrators and buy one for yourself or a loved one, simply follow this link: Buy a Classic Vibrator.



Need more help?

If you are still unsure and need a little more help before making a purchase, or you just want to know more information, please Contact Customer Care. We will be able to help you find the perfect classic vibrator.  We have staff waiting on standby ready to assist.


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