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Guide to Anal Toy Kits

Anytime someone finds something new and exciting - particularly when it comes to sex - the temptation is huge to try anything and everything that feels good for further sexytime shenanigans. Fortunately, the sexy options for new sensations and exciting adventures are pretty much limitless!

Unfortunately though, not many people have a never ending bank account, and this makes investing in new and exciting things a little more challenging. And some sexy fun can feel very different with assorted shapes, sizes and textures - particularly anal sex. So, if you’d like to try some new experiences, be sure to check out anal sex toy kits.


What are anal toy kits?

One of the biggest concerns people have when purchasing sex toys is the massive variety that is available. There are so many great products to choose from! Logging on to your favourite site and scrolling through page after page of products can be a little intimidating. What to choose? What size? What do I want? These are all things to consider when picking something so intimately tied to pleasure. It can be very disappointing when your new toy arrives and it doesn’t live up to your expectations. Hopefully our handy guides will help avoid this!

Adding to shopping anxiety can be the price of sex toys. Some items can cost a little more than others, with high quality items with more functions usually having a heavier price tag. If someone does spend a good amount of money on a toy, and then are disappointed, that can negatively affect their view of sex toys in general. They might choose not to explore any more sex toy options, effectively cutting themselves off from potential future pleasure.

People are particularly picky about anal sex toys. Everyone’s bum enjoys different sensations and stimulation, so until you are experienced, you might have to try a few different toys to find the ones that really turn you on.

One of the great ways to avoid these unfortunate scenarios is to take some of the guess work out of the game by purchasing an anal sex toy kit! These packages of exceptional anal sex toys offer many different options for you to explore and try new, exciting pleasures!


What are the benefits of anal toy kits?

Anal toy kits offer two amazing benefits to your sex toy shopping experience. To begin, anal toy kits make your choosing a little easier. Some kits contain a number of different toys, including differently sized butt plugs and dildos, prostate toys, anal beads and more. If you can’t decide what you want to buy, pick a kit and you can try them all! Anal toy kits are also great for the curious. If you are unfamiliar with some of the options available in the kit, imagine the fun you’re going to have trying them out - on your own or with a partner! And speaking of partners, if you’re playing with someone else, a kit will give you both lots of options to play together!


Who are anal toy kits for?

When it comes to sexual pleasure with toys, there can be a bit of a learning curve. It takes time to explore your body. While developing that knowledge can be great fun, you do need to try different things to really discover what it is you like. For this reason, anal toy kits are great for beginners who are just starting out with anal fun. You can try a variety of toys to really get to know your body and what you enjoy. At the same time, anal toy kits aren’t just for beginners. They can be a great addition to experienced players pleasure chests!

And let’s not forget that anal touch and play is something anyone can enjoy. Many of the devices in anal toy kits are fantastic for both women and men to use and play with.


What can I expect to find in anal toy kits?

Anal sex toys kits offer you fantastic variety - ensuring you have a fun toy to play with regardless of the mood you’re in! Looking to experiment with butt plugs? Many kits include a few different sizes to try. Enjoy the intense feeling of having beads slowly pulled out while you orgasm? You’ll definitely find kits with an assortment of anal beads in them. Maybe you just want to feel a dildo in your ass for a pounding good time! Whatever anal desires you have, anal toy kits provide so much flexibility!


How can I buy an anal toy kit?

If you want to enjoy anal play while saving money at the same time, an anal sex toy kit is right up your alley. Pun intended. Just head on over to our category: Buy Anal Toy Kits.



Need more help?

Not quite sure which anal toy kit is right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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