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Guide to Rotating Vibrators

There’s a very famous song, that, depending on your age you may or may not be familiar with. The band Dead or Alive very confidently sang the words “You spin me right round baby, right round, right round.” Here they’re describing either the effects of a relationship full of trouble, a relationship full of love or a relationship full of awesome sex. We’ll concentrate on the last idea!

Dead or Alive’s hit was popular in the 1980’s so we doubt it was about sex toys, but it may very well have inspired the creation of one super hot type - rotating vibrators. Rotating vibrators are something every woman and couple should try at some point because baby, they will certainly spin you right round!

What is a rotating vibrator?

Rotating VibratorsA rotating vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that rotates at the shaft. Who would have guessed? It can be made from a variety of different materials, have a number of other functions and can be in any size, colour and shape you can imagine!

Rotating vibrators incorporate many of the functions other vibrators have, with one extra twist (see what we did there?) - rotation. They come in a tremendous variety of shapes, sizes and textures, with a good number taking on phallic shapes and contours. More often than not, rotating vibrators have vibration throughout the whole toy, with either wired or remote controls for speed and rhythmic patterns. Many also come equipped with clitoral ticklers or stimulators, similar to those on rabbit vibrators. So far it sounds like you have a whole package of pleasure, but just wait, it gets even better!

What sets rotating vibrators apart is what gives them their name! A different motor in the toy causes the tip of the head and parts of the shaft of the rotating vibe to move in a circular pattern. Just imagine the pleasure possibilities this allows! Depending on the particular type you buy, you have total control over the speed and direction of the rotation. You can choose for it to rotate slow and sensual for a gentle ride or hard and fast for an intense sensation.

How do I use a rotating vibrator?

There are a number of ways you can use your rotating vibrator to ensure maximum pleasure and enjoyment. There really is no right or wrong way, however you decide to 'get off' is entirely up to you! Nobody else knows your body as well as you do, so do what you think feels the best. In saying that, here are a few things to try when using your rotating vibrator that are sure to get you off.

Because a rotating vibrator's function is primarily intended for internal stimulation, one of the best parts of these innovative sex toys is the fantastic G-­spot stimulation they can promote. The vibe can be positioned in such a way inside a woman’s vagina so that the circular motion of the head aims right for her ultra-­sensitive spot. Combine that sensation with the vibrator's general vibration feature AND the external clitoral stimulation and you’ve got a recipe for extreme pleasure and unbelievable orgasms!

If you’d like to try something different with your rotating vibrator, try using it in different positions. If you or your partner control the rotating vibe in the doggy style position, the tip is going to come into contact with different pleasure points than if you are on your back. The same goes for using the toy while kneeling. An upward thrusting motion (and gravity) will cause different delicious sensations. Of course, any way you can think to get your rotating friend into a vagina is going to be a treat for any woman who tries it!

To thrust my rotating vibrator or not to thrust?

Rotating VibratorsAs you consider a new rotating vibrator, you may wonder whether this type of toy will be good for hard, thrusting action. The answer to a question involving sex toys and pleasure is almost always yes, but let’s remember personal preferences. Rotating vibes offer so many different sensations - and that can be awesome. Between the clitoral fun, vibration fun and rotating fun, the experience could easily get too overwhelming. Adding thrusting in as well might push the whole toy over the edge.

On the other hand, it might just be another delicious ingredient added to the recipe. One factor that should be noted is that if your rotating vibe is set to rotation mode, that feeling will probably be very different than anything you have ever felt before combined with thrusting. The key here is, if you’re playing solo, to note how your body reacts and continue accordingly. And if you’re the one in charge of the vibe for someone else’s pleasure, check in with her to see if she is enjoying what you’re doing. Keep up this good habit and your sex lives will improve dramatically.

How can I buy a rotating vibrator?

Does the thought of rotating pleasure have you squirming in your seat? We thought it might. If you're ready to buy your very own, you can explore our full range of rotating vibes here: Buy a Rotating Vibrator.

Need more help?

Would you like some more help before choosing a rotating vibrator? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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