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Guide to Small Dildos

Some might say that size is something that matters. But if we've learned anything from the emergence of sex positivity, big isn't always better. In fact, better sex usually comes from more knowledge than from more girth! That's why it is recommended you take your time to learn all about all kinds of sex with small dildos - great gateways to more and more and more!

Small dildos can be very helpful and pleasurable for anyone. They can help you learn many new and exciting sensations and are great for exploring a new partner's body. With small dildos you can experiment with a good understanding you won't hurt, making them ideal for new situations.


What is a small dildo?

Sex toys are, finally, something society has accepted. There are so many varieties with great places to buy them that they are accessible to practically everybody. It is a shame that pleasure products have been pushed to the fringes for so long, because many people, unfortunately, missed out on the joy they can bring.

Now, there's no reason to miss out, you can find everything you want right here at Cherry Banana with our wide selection. That said, it can be intimidating for someone new to sex toys to look at our wide variety of products. This is one of the main reasons people who don't have experience with sex toys cite as to why they haven't tried one yet. 'I just don't know what to pick and what will feel good!'

If you are a newbie to sex toys, we suggest you start your new sexual adventures off with a small dildo. Usually measuring less than 6 inches in length and with a small girth, these toys are classics and the best way to experience something new. Small dildos take everything you know about sex, and what you have felt, and put it into your or your partner's hands, in your control. Using a small dildo can be just like hot, passionate sex or it can be something entirely different - depending on how you choose to use it.

And the possibilities are limitless! The wide selection of small dildos - vibrating, suction cup, strap-on and more - can be used so many different ways, alone or with a partner. They also come in a number of different shapes and textures, ensuring there is something hot and pleasurable for everyone.


What size dildo is right for me?

Picking a dildo, particularly the size, is something completely personal. We all have different feelings and desires in our sex lives and the size of your dildo will definitely influence how great you feel between the sheets. If a small dildo feels right for you, if it brings you to those places you dream about at night, then it is the best toy! Let's also remember that small dildos aren't exclusively for vaginal use. They are fantastic anal toys as well whether you are a beginner or not. Small dildos certainly do touch you in all the right places and are comfortable. This is crucial for ass play.


Is there something wrong with me for liking small dildos?

Absolutely not! Everybody's choice of sex toy is entirely individual, whether you're doing it out of necessity or choice. Some people need to use small dildos because that is all that will work for them. Some choose them simply because they like them and they feel fantastic! There is a societal thing about everything needs to be big. Big muscles, big breasts, big booty and of course, big cock. Well, big doesn't necessarily mean better. It certainly won't be better if it is unpleasant and uncomfortable. Regardless your reason for choosing a small dildo, all that matters is that you and your partner feel good, not measuring up to society's sexual proclamations.


How can I use a small dildo?

There are so many different sexy ways to use small dildos! They are versatile and fun, with many different features. Their small size gives you many different options, particularly if you are just starting out with dildos. Of course, the main way to use a dildo is the traditional and awesome pumping action, feeling the toy deep inside you or your partner. Small dildos are particularly great when you have a partner work them in and out of you. They can be easier for a partner to pump, as they will be able to have a better grip. At the same time, the small girth of these toys makes simultaneous oral sex a great reality.

Another great use of small dildos is if you want to try pegging, particularly if you're a fella who is unsure about being penetrated. Your partner can slip a small dildo into a harness, and after some wonderful warm-up, you'll be ready for a brand new sensation. If you're new to anal pleasure, a small dildo is a great way to start out, and then possibly move up to bigger toys.


How can I buy small dildos?

If you want to find a small dildo to add to your collection, just head on over to our small dildos category: Buy Small Dildos.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if small dildos are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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