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How to Clean Your Lingerie

There is no doubt that lingerie is one of the sexiest additions to sexytime fun. Whether you or your partner is putting on a big tease by sauntering around in a sheer negligee or you’re getting down to some serious sexy fun in the bedroom, sexy lingerie can definitely spice up your sex life.

However, that sexy fun can definitely turn into dirty fun. Well, we hope so! But lingerie can also get literally dirty. From stains to smears, everything from lube to semen can get all over your lingerie. So you need to know how to clean it and keep it fresh for next time.

Check out these tips for washing your lingerie:

Lingerie & Costumes

Hand wash

Sure, hand-washing your lingerie is going to be more work... but isn’t it worth it? As you’re toiling away, cleaning your or your partner’s lingerie, just remember why you need to be washing it in the first place - hopefully it was totally worth it! Envisioning your fun will make the time go by faster.

When hand-washing lingerie, fill a sink with cold or slightly warm water. Use a gentle detergent, or even baby shampoo, and gently agitate the water. Give your sexy lingerie some time to soak, to ensure the soap soaks in to remove stains. Go through all of your sexy stuff and then drain the sink. Then rinse each item under cold water until the water runs clear.

Lingerie & Costumes

Washing machine

Whether you choose to put your lingerie in the washing machine is a matter of preference, however, it is generally advised that you not put lingerie in the washer and stick to hand washing. There are many different factors that could damage your lingerie if you put it in the washer: buttons and snaps can catch on nylon and lace causing rips; inadvertently mixing colours can leave your lingerie permanently discoloured; the washer will have to be on cold water or the lycra may break down. Best to stick with hand washing.

Lingerie & Costumes

Stain removers

Sometimes your sexytime fun might get a little messy and your lingerie might get some stains on it. No problem. Fortunately, most stains you’re going to encounter, of the human variety, are easy to get out with hand washing and a gentle detergent. However, if you encounter stains that are more persistent, try a stain remover for delicate materials, particularly lace. But be sure to check the label of your lingerie to ensure it is compatible with stain removers.

Lingerie & Costumes

Drying tips

Perhaps the biggest thing to remember about ensuring the long life of your lingerie is that you should never, ever put it in the dryer. Sure, maybe some panties can go in there, maybe your regular, everyday cotton variety. But those special ones - no way. The heat of a dryer will damage the lycra, the stretchy material that can make lingerie form-fitting on your body. Even a low heat setting can be damaging. The tumbling can be rough on your lingerie (your tumbling is its favourite type!).

So, instead of using your dryer, it is best to hand dry your lingerie, preferably out of direct sunlight and preferably not with pegs holding it. Exposure to sunlight, over time, might discolour your lingerie and pegs can leave small marks in your material. Before you hang your lingerie, gently squeeze excess water out. Don’t wring lingerie, that could damage delicate materials.

Buying lingerie and costumes

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Need more help?

Would you like a little more help on how to best clean your lingerie? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other lingerie and costume guides here.

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