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Breathable Gags

Explore our range of breathable gags that will have your mouth wide open in anticipation. These gags are perfect for all sorts of couples wanting to add a darker, kinkier side to their sex life. No matter if you're new to bondage or a BDSM expert, we have the perfect gag for you.

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Act out your role-play fantasies with a breathable mouth gag

Breathable gags are gags that are positioned into the mouth and left in during foreplay, bondage or sex. Unlike some other types of gags, breathable gags still let your partner breath through their mouth while wearing them. This is useful for those who find traditional ball gags a little difficult to breathe out of and might not enjoy them as much as a result.

Breathable gags offer a variety of uses in the bedroom and they really help to set the scene for great role-play scenarios. If you've always wondered what it would be like to have a willing partner gagged and waiting for your every command, breathable gags make this possible. They are comfortable, safe and a whole lot of fun to use in the bedroom.

Browse our carefully selected range of breathable gags and you're bound to get excited with anticipation as scenarios run through your head. No matter if you want to be the dominant master ordering your partner around or the submissive slave ready to follow commands, breathable gags are sure to help you act out your fantasies.

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