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Articles Tagged With Gay Men

Erotica: Blew Year's Eve
I should have known that any party Jerry was throwing would result in my pants firmly in place around my ankles. And let me tell you, I love that sonofabitch for it! New Year’s Eve has always been quiet for me. My ex never wanted to go out, never was into celebrated. He really loved watching the party on television. I loved him and all, but th...
Exploring Sexual Identities: Top, Bottom & Versatile
We all crave markers, signifiers, labels. We might not always like it when other people push those labels on us, but that’s a different story. Today we’re talking about a very specific type of sexual categorization that some folks find very useful in navigating toward the people they really want to be in a relationship with. Have you ever he...


Erotica: A First Time For Both
Both of us were so eager to try it that we literally had to flip a coin to decide who would be the first of us to get fucked in the ass. Randy and I are both hot, young gay guys, but neither of us had gotten past getting and giving head. Which we both love to do, but we were both craving something new... something more. We’ve been together for...
The Many Types of Sexual Orientation
There is absolutely something universal in our sexual experiences, but has been rarely discussed over the last bunch of centuries. It wasn’t always the case, but our newfound and growing comfort with discussing sexual orientation is a welcome change to many years of indoctrination that demanded there was heterosexual and... those who were damned....
Q&A: I Might Be Gay - What About The Sex?
Q: I have only ever been with women... but I am pretty sure I am gay. This has taken a long time to figure out, but I am pretty sure. The thing is, I don’t know anything about gay sex. I really want to be intimate with another man, but I am afraid I will look like an idiot when I finally do it. What should I do? A: Coming out is one thing...


Erotica: The Dog Walk
The dogs spotted each other before we did. When I take my little fella out into the woods, I let him run free. We don’t usually run into anyone out there, so he gets to bust out and run wild for a bit to get all that energy out of him. Kind of like what I do on Saturday nights. Well, not lately. These past few months I have been in a rut. At l...


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