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Articles Tagged With Sex Positions

4 Tips For Great Sex If You're A Different Height
Picture this: A romantic scene. Two lovers embrace. He grasps her hips firmly, pulling her close. She throws her arms around his shoulders. They gaze directly into each other’s eyes as their bodies come closer. He pulls those hips to meet his, pulls their sex directly. She leans forward, wanting, and touches his lips with hers, their bodies entwi...
Positions For Pregnant Sex Made Easy
There is absolutely no reason to be afraid of having sex while you or your partner is pregnant. Seriously you will have plenty to be afraid of after the child comes into the world! Unless your doctor has advised you otherwise (this can happen), you can continue to have sex throughout your pregnancy, with there being no risk to mother or baby. No...


Exploring Twice The Pleasures With Double Penetration
In recent years many different sex acts have come under greater scrutiny for what they mean to different people. Many sex acts are highly controversial and cause different feelings in different folks. There is a popular phrase around sex community circles that says “don’t yuck my yum.” This means, generally, that while you may not be a fan of...
The Best Ways To Have Quickie Sex
Sometimes, you’ve just gotta have it. Whether you or your partner are the first to blink and initiate is entirely up to the situation you’re in, but I think everyone can agree that super spontaneous sex is a thrill like no other. What is a quickie? More commonly known as a quickie, heat of the moment sex can be exciting for a couple ...
What Is Normal Sex?
Language is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to sex. It can be hyper-specific and it can also be so vague as to be confusing. If you talk to people from different groups or in different regions, you’ll even find that sex can be broken down into different dialects and sub-sections. It really isn’t easy to navigate and ensure everyone in ...
The Best Sex Positions For People Of Size
Everybody has a different body, and we can all excel at certain activities and motions while struggling with others. Sex is no different and how your body is shaped can affect how you enjoy sexytimes. The same goes for your partner. Depending on how your partner is shaped will determine the types of sex you can and cannot have. If you or your pa...


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