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Feather Ticklers

Tease, tickle and tantalize your partner with our range of feather ticklers. They're perfect for couples wanting to enhance sensations in the bedroom; slowly run your tickler over your partner's skin and explore their body with each light touch. Have them return the favour afterwards.

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Tease your partner with a feather tickler

There's something incredibly sexy about being slowly tickled and teased by your partner and there are few things that can achieve this more effectively than a feather tickler. These products provide a lightness of touch that you could never accomplish with just your hands and this can create some of the most sensitive and delicate stimulation possible. As you no doubt know, a light touch can sometimes be far more powerful than a firm one and is perfect for building up sexual energy for the most intense eventual orgasms.

Run our feather ticklers over your partner's body to heighten their sensation or lightly tickle the clitoris or the tip of the penis for an absolutely electric sensation. Pair this with our other bondage products such as a blindfold, mouth gag or restraint and you can enhance the experience even further.

Using feather ticklers is a fun and affordable way to get intimate with your partner and explore each other's bodies in new ways. You'll want to have plenty of lube and sex toys on hand because we imagine things are going to get pretty heated.

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