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Every time you wrap a seductive corset around your body and tighten the laces to just the right strength, you will feel the rush of power course through your body. Like no other, corsets bring a spirit of delight and dark adventure to every sexy scene. Browse our exciting range now.

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Corsets for sexy role-play

Nothing says power in a sexy scene quite like the appearance of a corset. Whether you’re wearing one as the dominant in charge of the action or laced tightly as a submissive awaiting your (deserved) punishment, corsets combine both elegance and desire. With every movement, corsets move with your body, whether you’re flogging a willing slave or taking a spanking over a knee.

Originally created to shape and control the body, corsets have burst out of that restrictive past to become the embodiment of control in power dynamics. Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, materials and sizes, corsets are no longer an instrument to define a woman’s body - they are now a means for women to define their sexual needs and desires, on their own terms.

Of course, you do not need a deep meaning or power exchange relationship to enjoy the look and feel of corsets. They are a fantastic fashion accessory that can be worn out to the club and then stay on when you get back home to the bedroom. Whether you choose pretty floral print or dark and seductive latex, corsets will liven up every sexual situation.

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