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For some people, the term “wrap it up” means something is going to come to an end. But when you're talking about sex, “wrap it up” means get a condom on and get ready for some awesome sexytime action! Just like the old saying goes, don't be a fool, cover your tool!

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Get protected during sex with condoms

There was a time when the thought of using a condom was pretty far out there. They were considered unsexy, unpleasant and mood-killing. Nowadays, however, using condoms has become commonplace to curb the spread of sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. No longer are they dreaded, rather, they’ve become something that is known to be helpful and, therefore, an accepted part of sex.

To help this transition to safer sex, condom companies have been busy improving their products to make them more appealing to use. Whereas condoms used to have a one-size-fits-all mentality (literally), you can now find a great variety of condoms. They now come in different sizes, textures, flavours and colours. One of the biggest advances in condoms is the new ultra-thin versions that ensure you still experience all of the fantastic sex sensations, while at the same time being protected.

While no safer sex method is 100% effective, condoms will do an excellent job keeping you safe. Be sure to always put a condom on properly (pinch the tip with clean hands) and always store condoms in a cool, dry place - definitely not your wallet. It is everybody’s job to help reduce the chance of spreading sexually transmitted infections, and using a condom is the best way to do that.

Check out our Condom Guides for tips and advice on using and finding the right condoms for you.

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