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Beginners Dildos

Buying your first dildo has never been easier with our beginners dildo range. You'll find all sorts of intriguing dildos that are modest in both length and width, making them ideal for all first-timers. Can't find what you need? You can see our full range of dildos here instead.

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Buy your first dildo online

Buy your first dildo online and experience new pleasures in the bedroom with our beginners dildo range. We've added all sorts of fabulous dildos into this category that are perfect for all first-timers to enjoy. Take your time to explore our collection and you're bound to find a dildo that will turn you on.

Beginners dildos are different from other dildos in that they are modest in both length and girth. We know you probably don't want to ride a jumbo 12" colossal cock for your first time, so we've left the big ones out (and trust us when we say we sell some big ones!). Most of the dildos in our beginners range are 7" in length or less, making them ideal to start out with. No matter how you plan to use your new found friend, we recommend purchasing and using a lubricant to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

When using your dildo for the first time it's important to take things slow and listen to your body. When your lube is applied you can tease and caress your skin, getting your body familiar with the feeling and sensation of the toy. Once you've become acquainted with your soon-to-be best buddy you can take things a little further by inserting into your vagina or anus, making sure to go slow. Your instincts will soon take over and you'll be enjoying new and exciting sensations like never before.

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