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Lesbian Douche & Enemas

Big range of lesbian friendly douches and enemas available online at Cherry Banana. They're essential to ensure your vagina and anus is kept hygienically clean before and after sexual activity. Earn loyalty dollars for each douche and enema you buy to save money next time you shop!

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  • Colt Anal Douche
    Red/Black Anal Douche

    Make sure you're clean and safe down below by using this Colt Anal Douche before engaging in sexual play. This douche is really simple and effective, coming complete with a rubber bulb with ..
    In Stock
  • Adam & Eve Ez Anal Douche
    Black Anal Douche

    Use This Ez Anal Douche by Adam & Eve to gently squeeze cleansing warm water through your body or your partner's body in preparation for satisfying anal play. Get into the tub and squeez..
    In Stock
  • Big Ass Cleaner Anal Douche
    Black Douche - 400ml (13.5oz) Capacity

    Being clean never felt so good thanks to this Big Ass Cleaner Anal Douche by Cal Exotics. A slender tip and an oversized large capacity bulb make this the perfect cleanser for any tool kit. ..
    In Stock
  • Universal Tube Cleanser
    Hygienic Cleansing System

    This Universal Tube Cleanser by Cal Exotics is the perfect tool for keeping your anus and vagina clean. It's extremely simple and effective to use, resulting in a clean and safe area so you ..
    In Stock
  • Cleaner Missile Douche
    Black 4.75" (12.1cm) Douche

    Keep yourself clean and excited with the Cleaner Missile Douche from Calexotics. This is a single part anal douche, meaning you stay sanitary, and so does your new toy. With no seams or seal..
    In Stock
  • Red Anal Douche
    Red 2.5" (6.4cm) Unisex Anal Douche

    Keep yourself clean and freshwith the Red Anal Douche by CalExotics. This isan easy to disassemble, multi-part anal douche, meaning you stay sanitary, and so does your new adult toy. With it..
    In Stock
  • Renegade Blue Body Cleanser
    Blue Douche - 350ml (11.8oz)

    This Renegade Blue Body Cleanser by NS Novelties is the perfect accessory for personal cleaning. Squeeze the oversized bulb to take in water or your favoured cleansing liquid. The nozzle is ..
    In Stock
  • 10-function Black Advanced Anal Explorer Kit
    Black Anal Toy Kit - 2 Piece Set

    Engage in anal pleasure with this 10-function Black Advanced Anal Explorer Kit by Cal Exotics. This anal kit is simple but effective, containing two anal toys to provide both cleanliness and..
    In Stock
  • Ultra Douche
    Black/Red Douche - 190ml (6.5oz)

    The CalExotics Ultra Douche offers the user exceptional value without compromising quality. You can ensure complete cleanliness, without the cost, with this fantastic product. Don’t be caugh..
    In Stock
  • Fetish Fantasy Series Curved Douche/Enema
    Black Douche/Enema

    Getting cleaned has never been such dirty fun with this Fetish Fantasy Series Curved Douche/Enema by Pipedream! Designed to be pleasurable and practical, this silicone-based cleansing bulb i..
    In Stock
  • Colt Advanced Shower Shot Enema Kit
    Anal Cleansing Kit - 4 Piece Kit

    Keep things as clean as can be with this Colt Advanced Shower Shot Enema Kit by Cal Exotics. This body safe and hygienically superior cleaning system is perfect for both vaginal and anal cle..
    In Stock
  • Ultimate Douche
    Clear Anal/Vaginal Douche

    This Ultimate Douche by Cal Exotics is exactly as described - the ultimate anal douche apparatus. With the douche in hand, you can be confident that you are maintaining the highest standard ..
    In Stock
  • Ultimate Cleansing System Douche
    Black Douche - 280ml (9.5oz) Bottle

    Keep things hygienically clean with this Ultimate Cleansing System Douche by Cal Exotics. Perfect for both vaginal and anal cleansing, this firm, pliable and spiraled cleanser probe with an ..
    In Stock
  • Cleaner Torpedo Douche
    Black 5.5" (14cm) Douche

    Keep yourself safe, spotless, and sexy with the Cleaner Torpedo Douche by CalExotics. This is a single part anal douche, meaning you stay sanitary, andso does your new sex toy. With no seams..
    In Stock
  • Anal Fantasy Collection Ez-clean Enema
    Black Enema Douche

    If you've never tried anal play, this Anal Fantasy Collection Ez-clean Enema by Pipedream is just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation. Cleaning up has never bee..
    In Stock
  • Universal Water Works System
    Shower Douche With 3 Interchangeable Heads

    For one of the best douching systems around you need to get yourself this Universal Water Works System by Cal Exotics! This multi-use system is perfect for both vaginal and anal cleansing an..
    In Stock
  • Ouch Vaginal Douche
    Black Vaginal Douche - 300ml (10oz)

    Keep your privates clean with this Ouch Vaginal Douche by Shots Toys. This douche is immediately effective for an intensive vaginal cleanse and helps prevent vaginal inconveniences. The douc..
    In Stock
  • Ouch Anal Douche Medium
    Black Anal Douche - 125ml (4.2oz)

    Do you like anal sex? Then you must have this Ouch Anal Douche Medium by Shots Toys. Use it before or after anal sex in order to clean out your anus from the inside. The Anal Douche is a han..
    In Stock
  • Fist It Shower Douche
    Blue Unisex Douche

    Enjoy a deep and thorough anal cleaning with this Fist It Shower Douche by Shots Toys. This shower douche let's you easily connect it to the existing shower tap (or any tap), for easy and sa..
    In Stock
  • Easytoys Medium Anal Douche
    Black Unisex Douche - Medium Size

    Have maximum confidence the next time you explore anal play with this Easytoys Medium Anal Douche. A favourite among lovers of anal, this douche will ensure you are always kept fresh and cle..
    In Stock
  • Colt Vibro Cleanse Douche
    Black Vibrating Douche - 260ml (8.8oz) Bottle

    Enjoy a deep anal cleanse with this Colt Vibro Cleanse Douche by Cal Exotics. Not only will you be able to clean the vagina or anus before engaging in sexual activity, but you can enjoy the ..
    In Stock
  • Colt Travel Shower Shot Douche
    Black Douche with 2 Nozzles

    If you're looking for a reliable, sturdy and quality made douche to clean your anus before anal play, look no further than this Colt Travel Shower Shot Douche by Cal Exotics. This body safe ..
    In Stock
  • Bathmate Hydro Rocket Douche
    Black Douche - 325ml (11oz) Capacity

    The Bathmate Hydro Rocket Douche is a personal hygiene device, designed to be used in the shower as a compliment to your personal cleansing routine. With an ergonomic, easy-squeeze 325ml (11..
    In Stock
  • Back Health Smooth Douche
    Black 4" (10.2cm) Anal Douche

    Keep your back door clean with this Back Health Smooth Douche by NMC. Offering a 4" (10.2cm) length nozzle with a curved and smooth surface, it's perfectly positioned for anal cleaning. Just..
    In Stock
  • Adam & Eve Smooth & Easy Silicone Douche
    Black Douche

    Enjoy safe and clean anal sex with this Adam & Eve Smooth & Easy Silicone Douche. Here's the easiest way to douche ever, thanks to a smooth silicone tip and narrow, bubble-shaped sha..
    In Stock

Buy lesbian friendly douches and enemas

Keep your private parts hygienically clean by using a douche or enema kit. These products can be used both vaginally and anally and ensure you're fresh down below. You can use them to prepare your butt for anal sex, to prepare your vagina for penetration or to just feel cleaner.

Using an anal douche or vaginal douche is really easy. Depending on the particular type you buy, you fill the douche up with water in the bulb and attach the nozzle. It's a good idea to do this over the shower or bath so you have somewhere to wash the fluid away easily. Using a small amount of lube to lubricate the tip, insert the douche nozzle into your vagina or anus and squeeze the bulb. The water will release into your cavity and rinse. If being used anally, repeat as many times as necessary until you're fully clean.

Using a douche or enema can seem like a daunting task for the beginner, but once you do it a few times and get the hang of it there is nothing to be worried about. You'll enjoy a fresher, cleaner feeling and you won't have to worry about any nasty surprises during anal sex. After you use your douche you'll be ready to start using our other lesbian friendly sex toys with your partner.

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