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Eggs & Balls

Strengthen your pelvic floor and tighten your vaginal muscles with our range of non vibrating eggs and balls. You can also use them for intense and amazing sensations by choosing a vibrating option. No matter which type of sex toy you choose, they are sure to bring a lot of pleasure.

Experience new pleasures or give your pelvic floor a workout with our selection of eggs and balls.

Eggs & Balls
Eggs & Balls

Newly Arrived Eggs & Balls

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Eggs and balls are vibrating sex toys that can be inserted into the vagina or anus in order to deliver an incredible experience from within and without. The sensation of having something vibrate inside of you is a truly remarkable one that can deliver untold heights of stimulation that will really get you going.

Because eggs and balls can be inserted completely, this makes them very discreet. You can actually have them inside you while you're fully clothed and when this is a secret between you and a partner that makes them incredibly sexy. Only your partner will know just how much pleasure you're getting and if they happen to have a remote for it then this will put them in complete control of your satisfaction. Just hope that they take pity on you when things become unbearably pleasurable!

Eggs and balls can be controlled by a partner in this way but they can also be controlled on your own, providing you with a unique way to get off and giving you full control over the experience. Another option is to go with non-vibrating eggs and balls which actually rely on your own muscles and movements in order to deliver their satisfaction. Using these types of sex toys can strengthen your pelvic floor and tighten your vaginal muscles, which will make your sex life even more enjoyable for you and a partner. Think of these exercises as the most fun homework you've ever been assigned.

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