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Nipple Clamps & Chains

For pleasure or pain, or maybe a bit of both, nipple clamps and chains are sure to leave you completely satisfied. These sex toys can be used by both men and women and offer unique pleasures that you won't find in other toys. They are great for couples wanting to flavour their sex life.

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Nipple clamps for pleasure or pain - or maybe both

Nipple clamps and chains are sex toys that you can use to apply just a little bit of pressure to the nipples. These toys will help you and your partner explore that incredibly erotic point just between pleasure and pain but they're guaranteed at the same time not to cause any real discomfort. The clamps can be released quickly and easily as soon as you want them to.

While the clamping sensation can be incredibly satisfying, the real pleasure comes when you release the pressure caused by the clamps. This causes a rush of endorphins while sending lots of blood to the area. The result is an increased sensitivity that feels absolutely amazing and makes every subsequent touch all the more tantalizing.

Another reason that makes nipple clamps and chains so much fun is that they allow for a little bit of role play, creating a faux sense of danger that's incredibly erotic. One of you will get to be the dominant while the other will play the sub and whichever side of the equation you end up on you'll find that this really turns you both on and is incredibly sexy. Imagine having your own sex slave, completely at your beck and call. Or imagine being completely at the whim of your incredibly sexy mistress or master. We will leave that part up to you.

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