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Flavoured Lubes

Like a fine meal, sex can involve many different flavours. Depending on the sexy situation you find yourself in, there is surely a delightful flavoured lubricant you can pair with the other tastes you’re looking forward to. Browse our exciting range and get those taste buds going!

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Flavour your sex with a flavoured lubricant

Finding the perfect lube for alone time with yourself or during intimate moments with your partner is one of the true keys to better sex. There comes a time, whether you’re on your own or playing with someone else that a little extra wetness is needed to ensure the best sensations for everybody involved. Adding a selection of lubes to your pleasure chest is essential.

But just like all other sex products, lube does not have to be boring and uninspired. If you like a dash of scent with your sexy sensations, add a dash of flavoured lube! Available in a wide variety of flavours, including strawberry, coconut, chocolate, banana and more, flavoured lubes smell and taste great. Adding this extra sensory delight can be very refreshing!

Available in both water-based and silicone formulations, flavoured lube adds a delicious twist to your sex. Be sure to read about the type of flavoured lube you are considering purchasing to ensure you are getting the right type of lube to use with your condoms and sex toys. It is also recommended you test the lube’s feel and scent in a non-sexytime situation to ensure it will be enjoyable for all involved. If you like how it tastes and feels, it's time to get naked!

Get the taste for flavoured lubes in our Guide To Flavoured Lubricants.

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