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Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

Restrain your partner in new and exciting ways by using a set of wrist and ankle cuffs. These toys are perfect for introducing light bondage and role-play in the bedroom and allow you to get creative. Let your partner restrain you and explore your body or you can do the same to them.

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Have more fun in the bedroom with wrist and ankle cuffs

Using restraints is a fantastic and classic way to enjoy some truly exciting role play in the bedroom. You can use them to give your partner an incredible time while you stay completely in charge of setting the pace and delivering their ultimate satisfaction. But sometimes it's not enough to just cuff the wrists. If you really want to keep your partner in place so that they're completely at your mercy then you need to use ankle cuffs too. You'll find a number of wrist and ankle cuffs that will let you chain your partner in all kinds of ways – making sure you can get at the bits you want to easily and allow them just the right amount of movement.

With multiple cuffs you have a variety of options. You can chain one hand to the bed just to keep them in place, or you can chain all four limbs so that they're completely splayed out. Cuff their hands behind their back, or cuff their hands and ankles together so that they're left just a little uncomfortable and unable to move around to see what you're doing. It's okay, you'll take their mind off it soon enough!

Take your time to explore our range of wrist and ankle cuffs and you and your partner are sure to find something you'll love. No matter if you're a bondage beginner or a BDSM master, we have everything you need to get creative in the bedroom.

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