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O-Ring Gags

Shop online at Cherry Banana for o-ring gags that will have your partner looking beautifully bounded as you explore all sorts of role-play scenarios. These gags leave the mouth in an open position and are fully adjustable to fit any sized mouth. Spend $200 for free delivery.

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Gag your partner with an o-ring gag

O-Ring gags are mouth gags that force the mouth open into an 'O' shape using a ring normally made from metal or plastic. If you're playing the dom, this will keep your partner's mouth wide open and prevent them from speaking or trying to 'direct' the flow of events. You'll be entirely in control which is a very powerful feeling for you and incredibly erotic for them. All they'll be able to do is moan with delight.

At the same time, o-ring gags keep the mouth open and visible unlike some other forms of gags. This in turn means that you can play with your partner's open mouth while you explore their body in other exciting ways. Again, this is a surprisingly erotic feeling for your partner and can certainly lead to a good time for you.

O-ring gags are a simple and affordable bondage accessory to bring into the bedroom for new experiences and open a door to a darker, kinkier side of sex. For the complete experience we recommend pairing your gag with other adult products, such as a vibrator, cock ring, handcuffs, blindfold and a whip.

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