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Fists & Hands

If you've always wanted to try fisting or you're a fisting pro, we have a selection of fists and hands that will make you moan with pleasure. Definitely not for the faint hearted, these life-sized sex toys are a challenge to master. You're going to need plenty of lubricant just to try them!

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Up for a challenge? Try these fist and hand sex toys

The joys of fisting are definitely not for everyone. It takes a certain type of person with plenty of experience just to even attempt these. But once you can master some of these life-sized fists and hands, you will unlock a whole new world of pleasure that many people will likely never experience. These sex toys are huge in size, replicating a real life sized fist or hand. You're going to need plenty of lubricant before you even attempt these huge dildos.

Fisting has been around for centuries and can be enjoyed by men and women. Women can experience both anal and vaginal fisting, each type offering unique pleasures in their own right. For men wanting to be completely filled, using a fist and hand offers an intense and exhilarating rush, both by receiving and giving. Our range of fists and hands let you do all of this alone if you want to, and you can also use them with a trusting partner who knows what they're doing.

If you're worried about how your fist will be delivered, don't be. No one will know that a giant life sized fist or hand sex toy lay inside. We use plain, discreet boxes with no mention of Cherry Banana and we use our parent company name and PO Box for complete privacy. You will also be billed by our parent company and have no reference to Cherry Banana. Your order will remain completely private and discreet, just the way it should be. Of course you can tell your friends about the experience, only if you want to of course!

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