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12 Adult Novelties That Will Make You Laugh

Everybody needs to let their hair down, get loose and have fun. And most important of all, we need to laugh. Whether it is just a little chuckle or roll around hysterics, a good laugh can be almost as good for your body as an orgasm. Let’s all get our pleasure receptors turned up with these hilarious adult novelties that will make you laugh.

Boobie Dodgeball

It is hard to say whether a giant boob bouncing toward you at a high rate of speed would be a nightmare or a fantasy! The chances are good you’ll find folks on either side of that choice. But just imagine a fun backyard cookout complete with drinks, steaks, laughs and a rousing game of Boobie Dodgeball!

Jumbo Pecker Cake Pan

Here’s how you can have your cock and eat it too! Errr...cake! Let’s your carnal creativity fly with specially baked sweets in the same of a hard willy. Do you go for an accurate artist’s depiction or a wild, abstract look? Either way, we bet it is the best tasting penis you’ve ever had!

S-line Funny Boxers

Most of the time, it is women who are the one’s dressing up in sexy lingerie. Okay, some of it is pretty silly too. Now fellas can get in on the teasing action too—and be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice. S-line funny boxers are equipped with a ridiculous but effective zipper to get the party started!

Deck the Halls with Alcohols Shots

We’re not suggesting that the holiday season is a good time for drinking—we’re shouting it out for all to hear! Whether you’re hanging with your family or your buddies, Deck the Halls with Alcohols Shots are a welcome addition to the festivities.

Mustachio Pink Vibrating Fun’stache

I mustache you a question: wanna have sexy fun and make your partner laugh? Can you help her orgasm while she giggles? The Mustachio Pink Vibrating Fun’stache is a delightful treat that makes you laugh and get off—maybe at the same time!

40 and F*cked Up Button

Yeah, turning 40 sucks. Everyone says it is all downhill from there. Walkers and diapers loom on the horizon! This is no laughing matter...unless of course it isn’t you turning 40! When the 4th birthday party devolves into tears over beers, make sure your buddy is wearing a 40 and F*cked Up button so everybody knows.

Masturbating Midget Man

This little guy is one of those best kept secrets. Keep him in your pocket until you need him. When you feel a situation is getting too tense, quietly wind him up and stealthily slip him onto a flat surface. Then let ‘em go! I guarantee the concerns and worries will fade away.

Talk Dirty to Me CD - Courtney Cummz

Listening to someone say really dirty things on a CD will definitely give everyone the giggles, especially if you put the disc on at a party. Dirty talk can be really funny! But, as it continues, I beat you notice people aren’t laughing so much anymore and that they just might be bitin’ their lips a bit...

Stick A Dick Game - Geek Edition

Everybody loved Pin the Tail on the Donkey as kids, but we’re thinking about a different kind of ass as adults. And if you’re out for a wild Hens Night you’re probably thinking about a different piece of the male anatomy: Dick! So, instead of a game with a barnyard animal, you have to try a Stick A Dick game! And just to make it even more ridiculous, see if you can make a geek measure up.

Pasties Party Spinners

Pasties Party Spinners are for when the shenanigans are really picking up! Slip these fun treats on before heading to the festivities. Then, at the perfect moment, when everybody is having fun and you hear your jam—pull your shirt off and make the puppies twirl!

Party Around the World Drinking Games

Who says you can’t experience all of the delights the world has to offer from the comfort of your own living room? Explore our big wide world—of alcohol and drinking! Drinking games are a necessity for parties, but all the standbys get old. With Party Around the World drinking games you will be helping your friends become very cosmopolitan!

Pussy Straws and Glow in the Dark Dicky Sipping Straws

Take a sip, don’t worry, it is just the tip. Pussy and Glow in the Dark Dicky straws are a must-have for a big party. Of course, it is best if you get both types, that way everybody gets their choice of sucking fun!

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