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Sexy books and magazines are considered the original porn - they have been around as long as there has been printed words on paper. Whether you’re looking for racy writing, seductive stories or incredible images, you're sure to find some sexy books and magazines that cater to any desire.

Books & Magazines
Books & Magazines
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Remember back to those days, long before the Internet became the world wide phenomenon and keeper of all things porn. In those days (really, they weren’t that long ago), porn was delivered on this funny stuff called 'paper', folded and bound in a specific shape called a 'book' or a 'magazine'. In these magical creations, the beauty of sex was explored in both photos and text, titillating all who could get their hands on them. Books and magazines were the go-to for sexy content.

Fast forward to today and porny books and magazines are still available as an alternative to online porn for those who prefer the tactile experience of looking at sexy naked folks or reading about their exploits. Back in the day, countless people grew up hoping to catch a glimpse of smut stashed by their parents in an unmarked box in the garage. Those memories remain and even though Internet porn is readily accessible, holding some smut in your hands is a completely different experience.

Sexy books and magazines are available in a wide array of special interests. You’ll find erotica stories, adult magazines, adult books and much more. Rule #34 of the Internet applied long before www was a thing. So, pick out some of your favourites, lean back and practice turning the pages of sexy books and magazines with one hand.

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