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Guide to Unflavoured Lubricants

Unflavoured LubesThere used to be an old commercial touting the idea “never leave home without it”. The line was turned into a joke that people have been using ever since. But when you come to think of it, there are many things we don’t want to leave home without... or be without in our home! These are our essentials and, for sure, there are some sexy items on that list!

And at the top of that list is lube! Really, you should be packing many different lubes, but if there is one can’t miss product to choose from, unflavoured lube has got to be it. No unwanted tastes or scents, just slippery sexytime fun anytime you need it.

What are unflavoured lubes?

Unflavoured lubes make up the majority of personal lubrication products. Available in silicone and water-based varieties, these versatile products enhance your sexual pleasure without unwanted tastes getting in the way. Unflavoured lubes are the workhorse and dependable items in your sexy superhero essentials kit. When choosing an unflavoured lube, you don’t have to worry about a flavour that could leave a bad taste in your or your partner’s mouth.

Unflavoured Lubes

Are unflavoured lubes recommended for sensitive skin?

Yes. We are learning more and more about the different materials in our world that our bodies are sensitive to. Two of the biggest sensitivities revolve around taste and scent. Unflavoured lubes are ideal for avoiding sensitivity issues because they lack the extra additives that are included in flavoured lubes. You’re not likely to have a hot time if you or your partner have an allergic reaction in the middle of it! If you're susceptible to sensitive skin, we recommended reading all the ingredients contained in the lube before using it to ensure it's safe for you.

What are unflavoured lubes made from?

Unflavoured lubes encompass all of the different lubes available, including silicone, water-based, oils, gels and creams. Remember, water-based and silicone lubes are the most body and condom-safe.

How can I use unflavoured lubes?

Unflavoured LubesThe most important thing to remember about how to use unflavoured lube is to always have some on hand. Actually, always have lots on hand. Some activities, like anal sex, require that you use lube. Others, such as vaginal intercourse do not require lube, but it sure can be handy sometimes.

Because unflavoured lube does not have the sugars or additives that some flavoured lube has, it is great to use on all kinds of body parts - sexual or not! Lube can be a good substitute for massage oil, providing a great glide across the skin. It is best to not use too much, it will go a long way. However, when it comes to actual sexytime action, always err on the side of too much lube.

Another great use for unflavoured lube is during safer oral sex. If your partner is wearing a condom or using a dental dam, you can add unflavoured lube to the sexiness to improve glide and friction. Also, an unflavoured lube won’t get in the way of your partner’s natural tastes and aromas.

How can I buy unflavoured lube?

If you would like to buy your own unflavoured lube to enhance your sexytimes, just head on over to our unflavoured lubricant category: Buy Unflavoured Lubricants.

Need more help?

Would you like a little help choosing the right lube for you? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other lubricant guides here.

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