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Guide to Vibrating Dildos

Sometimes you want to take your sex and turn it up to 11! It can be tricky sometimes, deciding if you want something deep inside you or the erotic thrill of some intense vibration. At times like this, when the mood strikes and you want some hot and heavy penetration PLUS something more, the best thing to reach for in your pleasure chest is a vibrating dildo!

There is nothing like the sensation of combining both sexually electric vibrations and deeply satisfying pumping action. At other times, it might be too much, but when you’re really wanting a complete and amazing experience, a vibrating dildo will send you on wild trips. Dial it up and enjoy!


What is a vibrating dildo?

The saying goes “two is better than one!” And there are certainly many instances of this we can all appreciate. Two for one anything always gets attention, whether it is a great sale, delectable treats and of course sex! Now, not everybody is down for a threesome, but you can create a new kind of threesome without the potentially troublesome aspect of adding more people to your sexy good times.

Vibrating dildos combine the already amazing aspects of a deep, penetrating phallus with all the beautiful buzz of a vibrator in a delicious combination of internal and external sexual bliss. Being able to feel the intense vibes throughout your interior hot spots while the dildo stretches and rubs that at the same time is an experience you won’t soon forget - and be eager to relive over and over again!

Specially designed to reach and stimulate you in every way, vibrating dildos are fantastic for both vaginal and anal sex, whether you’re playing on your own or with someone else. See what we mean about a new threesome. If you find yourself all worked up and need to get off, you can enjoy both pleasures at the same time! Vibrating dildos come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and textures for you to choose from. Whether you’re into something thin and smooth or long and ridged, you’ll definitely have fun trying out many different models until you find the one you like best.

Many vibrating dildos feature a realistic look. By capturing a wide variety of penis features from mushroom caps and meaty veins, these toys can capture the feelings and sensuality of enjoying a real penis - with the added bonus of multi-speed motors to rev the session up to something even hotter! Vibrating dildos come in single and multispeed, with easy to use dials to get you to just the right intensity level for your sexual needs. Maybe you want a long and slow build, or maybe you want to burst out the gates of sexual abandon!


What type of dildo is right for me?

Picking a sex toy size is an entirely individual task. Everybody is different, and when you’re choosing a vibrating dildo, you also need to consider placement. Feeling a vibrating dildo inside you is amazing, in an overall feeling. However, you might want the toy to reach and stimulate very specific spots inside you, and for that you need to think about how your body is shaped and how you can aim that toy to your needs. If you like the vibration to reach deep inside you, try a longer vibrating dildo. If you like the intensity very close to your opening, a shorter toy will deliver more intense vibrations because the energy is not dispersed along a longer shaft. There are also vibrating dildos that reach to very specific sexual treasures, such as the G-spot in women and the prostate in men.


What are the differences between vibration inside and outside?

When we consider internal and external vibration, we mostly think about very specific areas being stimulated for orgasmic awesomeness. For women, the main exterior pleasure centre is the clitoris, and internally, it is the G-spot. Men don’t have a specific exterior spot, though vibration does feel wonderful against the head of the penis. However, guys do have tremendous potential for sexual pleasure with vibration stimulating the prostate. Of course, this is not to discount other areas that you stimulate with a vibrating dildo - there are so many good feelings to be had. But these specific spots all work in a similar way: they are directly focused on and produce individually specific orgasms. On the other hand, just having a vibrating dildo inside you, sliding it in and out or even keeping it still, creates more of a long-building, deeper feeling of the vibrations. Not being focused to one spot spreads the vibrations through countless nerve endings to spread the pleasure throughout your vagina or anus. Of course, adding a second vibrator to stimulate a clitoris or cockhead at the same time will produce wild times!


How can I use a vibrating dildo?

As with other vibrations, it is entirely possible you might not even get the toy inside you the first time you use it! It can feel so good rubbing it up and down the outside of you, against your vulva, labia and clitoris, or for fellas, your penis or perineum, that you might get a little sidetracked. Just experimenting with the variable speeds can bring you to the brink of satisfaction. But if you’ve got that sexual itch to get your vibrating dildo inside you, take a little time to lube yourself and the toy up nice and slick. This is a must for anal penetration, but is also greatly helpful for vaginal as well. Once you’re ready, slip it in!

Depending how you want to play, take a moment in the beginning to really feel the vibrations in your body. Even close your legs tight and feel it in place. If you’re playing with a partner, let them hold the toy. How does the vibration feel inside you? Are any particular spots feeling particularly tingly? Now, change the speeds. How does that feel? Do you like it faster or slower? Intense or gentle? Experimentation and exploration have never been more fun! We imagine that at this point, you’ll be ready to really get down to sexy business with your vibrating dildo.


How can I buy vibrating dildos?

If you would like to enjoy the incredible pleasure of a vibrating dildo, just head on over to our category: Buy Vibrating Dildos.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if vibrating dildos are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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