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Guide to Warming Lubricants

Warming LubesEverybody knows that the cool one always gets more action. But that’s only because the cool one really knows how to heat things up! Our connection to heat and sex is inextricable and will forever be linked. People like to think of their sex as hot hot HOT!

Of course, there is the distinct reason that sex is a lot more comfortable and appealing when we’re warm. If somebody wants to wear their socks, let them! But warmth can come in many different forms. It can be entirely intimate and tucked under covers on a cool night or it can be out on the beach in the heat of summer. Sexy heat can also be created with a wide selection of warming lubes.

What are warming lubes?

Warming lubes are specially formulated personal lubricants that feature specific ingredients that create a heat sensation on the skin (more on that below). These unique lubes will set your skin aflame, which can be an awesome sensation to make your sexytimes even hotter! Warming lubes are best used on penises, nipples and the skin around the genitals. They are sometimes irritating when used by women internally. They can feel great, but if irritation occurs, you should discontinue use.

Why should I use a warming lube?

Trying different types of lube is all about experiencing different types of sensation. Different thicknesses, different materials... lube can provide many different feelings on and in your body. Warming lubes are great as a foreplay experience that makes your skin feel fantastic. The warming sensation can be a tremendous muscle relaxant, making you both pretty chill before you heat things up.

Can warming lube be used for foreplay?

One of the sexiest types of foreplay involves painting your partner with warming lube. Use your fingers to add small strokes of warming lube in specific spots on their skin: nipples, ribcage, pelvis, back of knees, feet, and, of course, genitals. Have them lie still while you move across their body, stopping at each of these spots. Bring your lips very close to their skin and then blow gently on the previously applied lube. Warming lube reacts to air and each of those sensitive spots will heat up! And it might be a good idea to leave their hottest parts for last.

What are warming lubes made from?

Warming lubes are available in both silicone and water-based, as well as some creams. Many people wonder what wild chemicals are used in warming lubes to produce the sensation. Rest assured they aren’t wild chemicals at all! The ingredients in warming lube that gives it that signature sensation is usually capsaicin, an ingredient found in peppers. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt like hot peppers!

How can I use warming lube?

Warming LubesWarming lube is one of those products that should be discussed among partners before anyone tries to use it. It could be quite a shock to suddenly have your skin feeling all hot! It is also a good idea to spot test the lube, before sexytime fun starts. It could be rather unfortunate to have to stop hot sex because one or both of you had a reaction to the warming lube.

Much of our sex is particularly genital focused, but a penis or vulva might not be the hottest spot you’ll heat up with warming lube. The chest, breasts and, in particular, our nipples are sensitive in just the right way to enjoy the delights of warming lube. Start on the outermost areas of the chest, rubbing and blowing on warming lube. Slowly work your way into the centre, massaging gently. When you reach the nipples, add an extra bit of fresh lube, just to make sure the sensations really take hold!

Another amazing experience you can have with warming lube is rubbing it on the anus. Now, this activity might not be for everybody. Your back end is extremely sensitive and will feel the warming ingredients as much or possibly even more than your genitals do! That might make it a little too intense. However, gliding your lube coated finger on your partner’s ass while performing oral sex will give them such a thrill!

How can I buy warming lubes?

If you would like to enjoy the unique sensations of a warming lube, just head on over to our warming lubricant category: Buy Warming Lubes.

Need more help?

Would you like a little help choosing the right lube for you? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other lubricant guides here.

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