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10 Reasons Why Every Man Should Masturbate

man holding bananaIt seems a bit odd to be writing a list of the top ten reasons why men should be masturbating - it doesn’t ever seem a practice fellas have ever been adverse to trying! But that is the stereotype of men and sex, that they can’t keep their hands off themselves. In reality, for many different reasons, some men do not practice self-love, even though there are these great reasons to get your hands in your pants.

1. Masturbation relieves stress

You’ve had a hard day, a hard week, hell, a hard year. Whether dealing with issues at work, with family or even the awful traffic you get stuck in every day, there are many different things that can make your blood boil. So many people can put pressure on you that you can’t control - why not take some of that back? When you get to lay back and control all of the pleasure you’ll receive from masturbation, you’ll push all that stress and tension right to the back and nothing but ecstasy will take over.

2. Masturbation will help you sleep better

Hand in cock with relieving stress is the great way masturbation helps you sleep better. Once you’ve spanked the monkey, you’ll release terrific endorphins into your system that will naturally cause your body to relax and ready for sleep - especially if you’re already tired or stressed. Masturbation eases the mind, much like sex does. But with a good wank, you don’t have the pressure of another person’s feelings or satisfaction!

3. Masturbation is the safest form of sex

Safer sex has been an important message over the past 30 years that, fortunately, most people are heeding. However, if you have any reason to fear being infected with an STI, or possibly transmitting one yourself, then masturbation is the best way to get your rocks off without fear of long-lasting effects. And really, unless you want to, you don’t have to wear a condom!

4. Masturbation helps fight depression

We have learned a lot in recent years about the way sexual acts can help alleviate the effects and possibly head off depression. Again, we’re talking good endorphins and chemicals hitting the right spots in your brain to help you through difficult times. Well, you don’t need to be having sex with someone else to release these chemicals. Orgasming through masturbation can definitely lift your mood while you get to feel good as well!

5. Masturbation maintains sexual health

Not only does jerking off feel great, but it also is actually healthy. The next time someone tells you to get your hands outta your pants, just tell them you’re under doctor’s orders! Regular masturbation can ensure proper and clean prostate function. With each ejaculation, seminal fluid is expelled from the prostate. If you happen to go too long between orgasm, that seminal fluid can retain bacteria harmful to the prostate. While there is no definitive link, it is believed this could lead to prostate cancer.

6. Masturbation is hot with others!

One of the most amazing sexual experiences you can have with another person is mutual masturbation. Each of you take your own pleasure into your own hands and get off together. The visual aspects are stunning and you can really learn how your partner likes to be touched, caressed and more! Take time to watch and learn, while you’re watching and getting off!

7. Masturbation teaches about your body too!

It isn’t just your partner’s body you can learn about through masturbation - yours is also a wonderland full of sexual pleasures that you might not even know about. Remember, masturbation is not just about your penis. There’s a scrotum, testicles, anus, perineum, nipples, neck and so much more to explore and discover amazing sexual sensation from! There are so many possible ways to excite yourself, and taking that time while wanking can really teach you how to have mind-blowing orgasms!

8. Masturbation toys have never been better

It used to be that sex toys were strictly for women. Sure, you’d find that odd one aimed toward fellas, but times have changed. There are so many different sex toys for men that you’ll be amazed at how many different ways you can get off. You have to try different penis masturbators, massagers and halls, cock rings and more. Each type of male sex toy offers different experiences and sensations that will surely please you.

9. Masturbation can increase sexual stamina

Not only can you get to know your own sexual interests with masturbation, but you can also teach your body to hold out and last longer with partners. Take time during your solo sex adventures to “edge.” This is the process of bringing yourself close to cumming and then stopping. Doing this over and over will teach you when your body is about to explode and how you can shut that down and make your sexual experiences last longer.

10. Masturbation = Orgasms!

Really, is there any other reason necessary? Orgasms keep us healthy, make us feel good and give us a shot of erotic ecstasy like no other. It may not even always be the end goal - just the trip along the way can be pretty damn awesome! But sitting back and enjoying a hot orgasm can be a great way to start a day, end a day or even take a break from a day!

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