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Guide to Double Entry Masturbators

You’ll never hear a bad thing here about masturbation, but even we have to admit that the typical ways guys pleasure themselves can get a little dull over an extended period of time. Sure, it will still feel good, but the five knuckle shuffle can get a little tedious. Why not take that self-love game up a notch!

There are so many different types of male masturbators out there, and they are all awesome. Technology has advanced and improved so much that you will experience out-of-this-world level orgasms! But why limit yourself to just one type of masturbator when you can have the great variety of double entry masturbators!

What are double entry masturbators?

double masturbatorThere has long been a belief that two is better than one. We mean, it does make a certain amount of sense. If one thing is awesome, then two things must be spectacular! Usually, this is applied to food, drink, and personal objects in our mad desire to accumulate more and more. But sometimes it has been applied to people! How many times have we seen in movies some dude trying to talk women into threesomes with the idea that two is better than one. With that approach, it is surprising threesomes ever happen at all!

Of course, when it comes to sex with women, you don’t have to invite another person into bed to enjoy many different sensations. Women are endowed with many different and awesome features that, if they choose to share with you, can be utterly enjoyable - sometimes more than one at once! Soft mouths, luscious lips, delightful vaginas and amazing asses all provide different feelings and experiences.

However, it is possible that these parts aren’t shared with you and, hey, that is her choice. Good thing there are great masturbation toys to fulfill your fantasies! Double entry masturbators combine two or even three outstanding orifices in one awesome toy for your many different preferred pleasures. Maybe you want the sensation of a blowjob and then hot sex. Or possibly the reverse! Your new double entry masturbator is an all-access pleasure palace!

Exploring double entry fantasies

For many men, being able to move from hole to hole with your lady is an ultimate dream. It is also one that many women do not share, leaving many guys unfulfilled. The idea of starting off in a sweet, wet vagina and then slipping into her tight ass can be a pretty strong desire. Maybe it has something to do with that exploring spirit men have had for millennia! Whatever the reason, whatever the configuration, guys want to go mouth to pussy, pussy to mouth, mouth to ass, ass to mouth, pussy to ass and ass to pussy and every other combination you can think of! Double entry masturbators can fulfill all of those fantasies!

double masturbator

How to use double entry masturbators

One of the keys to getting the most out of your double entry masturbator is to always be prepared. Because these toys are made from Cyberskin, you can only use water-based lube with them. If you’re planning to make multiple masturbatory stops with your toy, lube up each hole in advance. If you’re fantasizing about a real woman, part of the intrigue is that she’ll be hot and wet all over waiting for you to pleasure each and every one of her sexy spots. You’ll be able to move the toy all over without skipping a beat.

Another awesome thing to try with your double entry masturbator is placing it underneath you to thrust into it hard. Not only will the mouth, vagina or ass of the toy grab and milk your cock, but the pressure of your body will add extra sensations to your pleasure!

How realistic do double entry masturbators feel?

Because most double entry masturbators are shaped to resemble the body part you’re hoping to get into, a big part of the appeal is the look of what you’re doing! Some double entry masturbators are very detailed with some being a full torso! Of course, the insides of the toys are going to drive you wild. Each orifice features internal textures - nubs, ripples and swirls - to further enhance your thrills. And to really take things to the next level, some double entry masturbators also feature vibration! Not only will they feel like an actual person but you can add even more fun!

How to take care of your double entry masturbator

Double entry masturbators require some specific care and maintenance to keep them in good wanking order. When using your toy, be sure to use only water-based lube. Other lubes can cause the material to degrade and sometimes cause a build up over the surface of the Cyberskin, making your toy tacky and less soft. After you’ve finished playing with as many holes as you want (well, for now), be sure to wash it thoroughly - inside and out - with a sex toy cleaner before putting it away. It is best to dry it off as much as possible, and then leave it out in the open to air dry any bits you couldn’t reach.

How can I buy a double entry masturbator?

Would you like to buy your own double entry masturbator to take your masturbating pleasure to new and exciting heights? If you would like to browse our range, just head on over to our category: Buy Double Entry Masturbators.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a double entry masturbator is right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.

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