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Cherry Banana Product Reviews

You can read a variety of legitimate product reviews at Cherry Banana, written by our lovely customers.

So we can make your shopping experience as easy and as pleasant as possible, we actively encourage customers to write product reviews about the products they have purchased on our website. This helps keep the Cherry Banana community informed and able to find the most suitable products for them.

All reviews at Cherry Banana have 30 words or more, so you can learn in great detail how a product works, what features it has and what the customer liked or didn't like about the product.

For customers who have a product review approved on the Cherry Banana website, they'll earn $1 in loyalty dollars for each one. It's a win/win for everyone: we get to keep our customers informed and you get to earn money to save on your next purchase! You can learn more about loyalty dollars here.


How can I write a product review?

When you have purchased a product at Cherry Banana and would like to write your own review, we've made the process simple and straightforward.

If you're a member already, just sign in to your account and follow the 'Products needing review' tab. Here you'll see a list of all the products you've purchased in the past that still need to be reviewed. Beside each product you'll see a green 'Write Review' button that will take you directly to the write review page.

For members and guests, you can also browse the website or type the product directly into the search bar and review from there. Each product page has a 'Write review' button that will take you directly to the write review page.

Another easy way for previous shoppers to write product reviews is by clicking on a review reminder email we'll send to your inbox a few weeks after your sale. This gives you enough time to receive your order and use your items, while still being fresh in your mind. Just follow the links directly from the email and you'll be writing your review before you know it!

When you write the review, you'll give the review a title, a review explanation, what you liked, what you didn't like, a review summary, a star rating out of 10 and a nickname to go with your review.


Are product reviews moderated?

In order to keep Cherry Banana safe and well informed, we moderate and check all reviews before they are published on the website. We never change a review rating or the gist of the review, but we may correct spelling mistakes and grammar and reject any reviews which do not meet our guidelines.


How can I read product reviews?

You can read product reviews easily by clicking on a reviewed product, or by browsing our product review pages here.



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