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Guide to Fists & Hands

Some people like fantasy in their sex, others prefer a level of verisimilitude. While some will only dream of feeling what it is like have a hand slowly enter their body, stretching and filling them in a glorious sexual moment, others are not content. They need to feel it to truly understand it. But what are you supposed to do when there’s nobody else around?

Sex toys that are shaped like fists and hands will fulfil all of your needs. Whether you’re just new to bigger toys or a seasoned pro, fists and hands can be a revolutionary addition to your pleasure chest. You’ll want to give your toy a high five every time you use it.


What are fists and hands?

Let's be honest here: some sex acts are not for the faint of heart. There are some types of sex and positions that not only require a certain amount of knowledge and expertise, but also a fair bit of courage. Building up that bravery will be a testament to your sexual adventurousness. And if you're looking for a sexy new journey, put your hand in the air and be noticed. Fisting might just be the adventure for you!

Fisting, and using fist and hand dildos, is definitely an acquired skill and interest. Some people can't get past the idea of putting something the size of a hand inside them. But if you do work up the courage to try a hand or fist dildo, you will be rewarded with a sexual experience unlike any other.

Using a fisting toy is a great way to work yourself up to the real thing. And you absolutely do need to work your body into shape to take something that size into your body. Time and patience are two of the keys to making fisting a fantastic experience. And preparing your body with a hand or fist toy allows you to learn your bodies pleasures and limits. You really do have to stretch yourself to be able to accommodate the toy! Not everybody can fully experience fisting - with a toy or a person. Not all of our bodies can handle it. But if you can, wow!

One of the great things about fisting and using fists and hands is that women and men can enjoy these pleasures. Women can enjoy being fisted vaginally and anally, while men can learn pleasures by getting fisted in the ass.


What size fist or hand is right for me?

When trying to determine what size fist or hand is best for you, first consider your experience. Have you been pleasured with multiple fingers? Do you regularly play with large dildos? If so, then you are on your way! However, size isn't the only consideration. Shape definitely plays a role as well.

If you're more of a beginner, then you might consider upping your dildo abilities first. Or if you're really keen, be sure to start off with a hand-shaped toy that features fingers tapered into a cone shape. Experienced players might be able to handle the fist-shaped models right off the bat, but determining the best size for you really depends on what you've previously been playing with.


How realistic are fists and hands?

Some people really crave realism in their sex toys - and some fists and hands are remarkably life-like! If you feel like playing a trick on someone, you could surely do the old fake-hand-in-the sleeve bit with some of these toys! But you're more interested in how these toys can make you feel, not make you laugh. Not only can fisting toys look and feel realistic, they are available in a variety of skin tones and gender representations to align with your vision of the perfect sex partner. We all need to feel comfortable during sex, especially during an activity that can leave you so vulnerable. Aligning the toy with your fantasy is another key to a sensationally sexy time.


How can fists and hands be used?

We've mentioned numerous keys to using and loving a fist or hand sex toy. But the most important factor in truly getting the most out of the experience - and even making it possible - is using lots and lots of lube. Wait? Do you think you've got enough? Nope. More! You have to use plenty of lube, regardless if you're using the toy vaginally or anally. And this goes for playing solo or if you're using the fisting toy on someone else. The more lube the better. Combine that with patience and time, and you're in the right mindset to make this difficult but awesome sex possible.

Just like with any other penetrating dildo, you work the hand or fist toy in slowly but surely. Give yourself or your partner plenty of time to get used to the sensations. If you or they have to stop to get used to pressure or pain, rest, but keep the toy inside. This will help the adjustment. If it really hurts, by all means take it out! Everybody needs to keep track of their own limits and play within them. Even if you can't take the toy all the way, it can still feel amazing! As you work the toy into you or your partner, you might feel resistance. It might take one final push to make it happen, but with that the toy will slide right in and fill you or your partner like never before. The fisting toy will touch spots that have never been touched. It is not unusual for a person to orgasm almost instantly - and then be hooked on fisting for life!


How can I buy fists and hands?

Before you think about buying a fist or hand, make sure you have plenty of experience with sex toys first! If you're ready to go, just head on over to our category: Buy Fists & Hands.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if fists and hands are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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