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Guide To Big Dildos

In the world of sex toys, you get to choose exactly what you want, whenever you want. While this isn’t always the way it is when you’re choosing the people you want to be with, with toys, you are in charge. So, while the person you desperately want to get with might not come with the most sizeable package, you can always ensure your size requirements are met with a big dildo.

Big dildos are the sex toy equivalent of driving a specialty car. You knew what you were after when you bought it and you already know you can drive it. When you take a big dildo for a ride, you know you’ll be satisfied, thrilled and maybe a little nervous every single time.


What is a big dildo?

Regardless of the popular sentiment, sometimes size really does matter. Sometimes, the bigger the toy, the better the sexy time. Sometimes you just really want a big dildo. To qualify as a big dildo, the toy really has to measure at least 9 inches long. That is a lot of cock regardless whether it is real or fake! And that is just one dimension. Don't forget that some big dildos are going to have some significant girth. When it comes to big dildos, we don't mess around. Some are impressive, others are downright monsters of sexual fun.

Not for the faint of heart, big dildos are definitely for those experienced with size. Beginners should start off with smaller dildos and progress their way up to the large ones. Big dildos come in a variety of shapes, from realistic to fantastic and a number of different textures and materials. Like most other dildos, they are excellent for both vaginal and anal pleasure - if you can handle it. Because big dildos are made from a variety of materials, including, silicone, jelly, plastic, rubber and glass, they have different levels of pliability. Having an idea of the type of sexy pleasure you're into helps when you choose your toy.

Big dildos are also great additions to strap-on harnesses to take your roleplay to new levels of thrill. Whoever is being penetrated will experience an overwhelming and awesome level of fullness. Those who seek out big dildos crave this feeling. There are two things all big dildos have in common: significant size and the ability to make potential users gasp!


What size dildo is right for me?

If you're shopping for a big dildo, chances are you already have experience with large sex toys and know what you're looking for and can handle. If not and you're really just very ambitious - good luck! It is always great to aim high, except when you might get hurt. And if you aren't ready for a big dildo and try to make it happen, you could damage your vagina or anus. And even those who are experienced shouldn't try to take on more than they can fit. If your goal is to fit a huge toy in you, you have to gradually work up to that, gradually mastering bigger and bigger dildos.


Are big dildos safe to use?

There is a general fear that using big dildos will somehow make your vagina or anus loose and that it could even lead to other health issues such as incontinence. Let's put your mind at ease and assure you this is not the case. Both the vagina and anus are flexible and adaptable to size. The anus is a little more limited in what it can handle, but remember, the vagina is all about birthing babies - and these things aren't small. In fact, if you like playing with a big dildo regularly, you might actually be giving your body a workout. As your body gets used to the big dildo, you will likely be squeezing and releasing your PC muscles. In other words, you'll be doing your Kegels!


How can I use a big dildo?

If think you're ready for a big dildo, back up a bit and make sure you have plenty of lube in hand. Regardless how wet you are or your partner is, it is important to add lube during extreme penetration. Regardless of the material (with the exception of glass and metal), big dildos do not slip inside as easily as real penises. They might take some coaxing and pushing and careful angling to get them inside you - particularly when trying them out anally. So just when you think you've got enough lube, use more!

Another key to playing with a big dildo is patience. Take your time and let your body get used to the full sensation and check yourself for any real pain. Slowly tease the vulva or asshole to warm yourself up. Use fingers or smaller toys to prepare for the big show. And when you're ready, ease the toy in, very slowly and carefully. Once your body is ready, you or your partner can start pumping away. Just like any other dildo, a big dildo offers a fantastic time.


How can I buy big dildos?

Are you ready to go BIG? Do you want to be completely filled? If you want to find a big dildo to add to your collection, just head on over to our big dildos category: Buy Big Dildos.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if big dildos are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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