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Guide to Double Ended Dildos

Double the pleasure, double the fun! Bring something new into your sexytime bedroom shenanigans with a unique and exciting new toy that will surely leave you both satisfied. A double-ended dildo can add new adventures in penetration, pleasure and closeness that will bring you both to new heights of ecstasy!

Designed as the ultimate couples’ sex toy, double-ended dildos can be enjoyed by all couples across the sexuality spectrum. Whoever you are and whomever you like to get with, taking control of one end while your partner enjoys the other is an amazing way to share in a truly unique sexual experience. Maybe even an erotic tug of war!


What is a double ended dildo?

Sometimes, we forget one simple aspect of sex: it is meant to be fun! And sometimes fun can be sexy and silly at the same time. We’re not sure who thought up the idea of double-ended dildos, we’re not really sure if that person was serious or not. But damn! These adult toys are a fantastically good time - even if they tend to look a little ridiculous.

You can’t help but giggle the first time you encounter a double-ended dildo. They are, literally, a long shaft ending in two penis shapes. They look so silly, but let us tell you, the feeling and orgasms you’ll achieve from using one of these amazing sex toys will leave you laughing howls of ecstasy.

Double-ended dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures to please everyone. They are often made of jelly, to maximize their flexibility between two people using them together. They can also be made of other material, including silicone, PVC, plastic and Cyberskin. We suggest picking the double-ended dildo that appeals to you both sexually and humorously. We don’t laugh enough in the bedroom, and laughing together is one of the most intimate things a couple can do. Funny stuff brings us together, and we dare anyone to try and suppress their laughter when their partner wields a double-ended dildo like a lightsaber! Because you know that fun toy is soon to become a really fun toy!


What type of double ended dildo is right for me?

Double-ended dildos come in so many different sizes - both length and girth - and you need to consider both when picking one out. The girth is a general consideration of sex toys: if you’re a beginner, you don’t want something too big, and if you’re experienced, you want to find the dildo that fits just right. But when you’re choosing a double-ended dildo, length is very important.

Because of their flexibility, you can get up to all kinds of sexy fun in very innovative ways with a double-ended dildo. The longer the version, the more options you have between you and your partner. The classic way to use a double-ended dildo is both of you on your backs, twisted slightly so that you are scissoring each other’s legs. You’ll need enough length to fit the toy between and inside both of you, and either use your bodies to move it back and forth or someone’s hand in between. Of course, there are multiple ways to use the toy - you might not even be with someone else!


Are they just for woman-on-woman sex?

The porn-based stereotype out there is that double-ended dildos are primarily for woman-on-woman sex. Well, sure, they are great for that, but that isn’t the only use for double-ended dildos! Any combination of couple can enjoy the way these toys fill you both up at the same time. Two men can enjoy intense anal sensation while at the same time pleasuring their own or their partner’s penis. Or a man and a woman can both enjoy penetration together - an entirely different sensation for both. The great thing about sex toys, whether they're specifically designed or not, is that they are not gendered. They can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless what their orientation is. Double-ended dildos are meant to provide fantastic, intense orgasms to whomever is using them.


How can I use a double-ended dildo?

After you’ve had a good laugh and done your best sword-fighter routine with your double-ended dildo, it is time to get down to sexy time. It is always a good idea to use lube with dildos, particularly double-ended versions. This will not only increase the pleasurable sensations, it will also ensure that everyone is feeling great with how the toy moves between you. If one of you is taking the dildo anally, it is also recommended that you use a condom on that end.

Now, positioning, with a double-ended dildo - that’s where it gets fun! We’ve already described the traditional method of using one, but how about other positions? If you have a shorter model, ass-to-ass doggy style is a great way to go. Line yourselves up and bounce back and forth against each other’s bums! If you have a longer version, one person can insert the toy into themselves, hold it tight in the right spot, and then penetrate their partner with the other end! This method works great in missionary.

But you don’t need a partner to get great feelings from a double-ended dildo. They are a fantastic masturbation toy as well. Their length makes them fantastic for those who might have dexterity issues, making double-ended dildos more accessible than regular length toys. This also helps those who want to try self anal penetration, where reaching much further down can be difficult. Or, for women who have purchased a really flexible model, the possibility of their own double penetration is possible with a double-ended dildo.


How can I buy double ended dildos?

If you would like to enjoy the incredible versatility and pleasure of double ended dildos, just head on over to our category: Buy Double Ended Dildos.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if double ended dildos are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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