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Guide to Suction Cup Dildos

Who says all of your sexy fun should be happening in bed? There are many hot places around the house you can enjoy, and make into a fantastic place to penetrate your favourite suction-cup dildo! You can explore the erotic potential of the shower, bathroom, kitchen chairs, floors or even outside patio furniture. Just stick the suction-cup dildo in place and go to town!

Suction-cup dildos are a practical way to use a sex toy while participating in other delicious activities or if you have issues related to dexterity or mobility. Exploring the many uses for suction-cup dildos is a great way to try out new experiences or even just experience a dildo at all. They are one of the easiest sex toys of all to use.


What is a suction-cup dildo?

For various reasons, traditional dildos can be particularly challenging to use. More often than not, we want them for penetration, either vaginally or anally, and depending on the model, some form of gymnastics might be necessary to be able to use them properly. Getting that perfect angle or depth of penetration just might be impossible.

Another challenge in using dildos is encountered by those with disabilities, particularly those using mobility devices such as wheelchairs and those who deal with dexterity issues. Any kind of sex toy is going to present challenges, but attempting penetration is one of the hardest.

Fortunately, suction cup dildos can help and pleasure everyone who needs some aid in getting off!

Combining all of the sexy aspects of other dildos, suction cup dildos feature a strong, sturdy way to adhere the toy to any smooth surface, be it a wall, chair or a board to slip underneath you. When attached properly, suction dildos hold firm and hard, so that you can be taken firmly and hard! And, of course, they can be removed when you’re done and taken to another area of your home for more fun!

Many suction cup dildos are very realistic, including a sexy head and many different levels of veins if you’re hot and heavy for toys that resemble real penises. Some models also feature sexy scrotums with tantalizing testicles that feel fantastic when you’re on top and riding your toy to bliss. There are also many other types of dildos of pretty much every size, shape, colour and texture. Some feature strategically-placed ridges and ripples to light your insides on fire with passion while others are shaped specifically to reach g-spots, prostates and all of your special, sexy places.


What type of suction cup dildo is right for me?

Suction cup dildos come in every imaginable size, from small to extra large. Some will feel like a finger inside you and others will fill you like you never imagined. And, of course, there is also every size in between. What you choose really depends on your experience level and comfort with dildos. Newcomers might prefer to stick with smaller sizes until they get a good feeling for how a suction cup dildo works. Because you can stick them to many different surfaces for so many different types of feeling, you might opt for smaller and then work up to bigger. Suction cup dildos are so diverse that you might want a small one in one situation and a larger one in another.


What places can I use a suction-cup dildo?

Suction cup dildos are great to use all around your home - and maybe beyond! One of the most popular spots to use a suction cup dildo is in the shower for some wet and wild fun. Simply attach the toy to the tiled wall and back yourself on to it. A hot shower will warm the toy up and if you combine that with some silicone lube your shower will get that much more sexy and slippery! Another great place to use a suction cup dildo is on a firm chair. Place it right where your pussy or ass would go and ride till your libido is satisfied. To make a chair extra spicy, a man can take the suction cup dildo in his ass while a woman rides his penis. So hot! Other great places to try your suction cup dildo are on the floor, the stairs, the kitchen counter or attached to the cupboards. Pretty much any flat and smooth surface will hold your toy in place and help you to mindblowing orgasms!

Of course, you might want to take your toy beyond your home. Maybe you can attach it to a board and sit on it in your garden. Maybe try the same in your car! Always think about safety, but these methods could be wonderfully sexy.


How can I use a suction-cup dildo?

The great thing about suction cup dildos is that they work exactly the same way as other dildos - you just have the option to stick them in place while you ride your passions away! As with other suction cup devices, simply moisten the soft plastic end and push it firmly against your desired surface. Give the toy a minute or so to really adhere to the surface and try to move it before you try to actually use it. Most suction cup dildos are made of silicone or jelly, so they do have some flexibility. And you’re going to appreciate that flexibility as you play with and explore your new toy friend. As you prepare to ride away, it is a good idea to use some lube with your suction cup dildo - especially if you’re using it anally. Lube will also make the toy move and feel better, and leave you to better enjoy the sensations it can offer.

If you are someone with a disability, your suction cup dildo can be affixed to a board that easily slips between your legs. You can then control the movements and thrusting action at your own pace and needs.


How can I buy suction cup dildos?

If you would like to enjoy the incredible versatility and pleasure of suction cup dildos, just head on over to our category: Buy Suction Cup Dildos.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if suction cup dildos are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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