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Guide to Glass Dildos

Sometimes pleasure comes in the most unusual packages. We may not readily think of glass as being a fantastic material for sex toys, but really, it might actually be completely perfect. Yes, glass! This omnipresent material isn’t just for lookin’ out windows! You’ll truly understand once you try the amazing sensations of glass dildos.

Strong and sturdy and very durable, glass dildos are sure to amaze you with the unique sensations they will bring to your sex. The ripples of pleasure they provide are unlike any experience you’ve ever had. Just like windows, glass dildos offer a completely new view of hot sexytimes!


What is a glass dildo?

Do you like your sex hard? Really hard? For years sex toys have been designed to be pliable and accommodating to our bodies shape and tenderness. The last thing you want to do is hurt your insides! And many toys that are cheap and poorly constructed will do just that, hurting and potentially damaging you and your partner.

This does not mean that hard is a bad thing. When a sex toy is created properly, it can be solid and still be safe for your soft parts. Glass dildos have emerged as a premiere sex toy because they provide a sexual experience unlike any other. Glass dildos are as hard as they get, yet, when used properly, can massage and caress with the greatest of ease.

Crafted in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, you might even see your friends displaying them as art pieces around their homes! Glass dildos have really taken off as a connoisseur’s sex toy - but not just because of how they look. The pleasure provided by glass dildos is unlike any you will ever experience. The firmness of the toy makes it unyielding to the pressures your body will put on it when it is inside you or your partner. So, as your muscles clamp down, instead of being met by something with a bit of give, they will encounter the strength of the glass dildo, and concentrate that orgasmic force even harder!

One of the great advantages of glass dildos is their smooth and sleek feel. We may talk about the strength and hardness of the glass in one breath, but you will not believe how easily a glass dildo slides in. This makes them ideal for not only vaginal but also anal penetration. Combine the glass dildo with your favourite lube for a fantastic experience.


Are glass dildos dangerous?

Not at all! Glass dildos are made from super hard and shatterproof glass. Some people are afraid a glass dildo will break inside them. Well, you’d have to be a Kegel master to have that happen! As long as you care for the toy, it can last a lifetime. It is best to avoid dropping it excessively - be careful, they do easily roll off bedside tables! If your glass dildo does become cracked or chipped, stop using it.

Another safety feature is the health benefits of using a glass dildo. Glass is hypoallergenic. If you have issues with the silicone or jelly of other toys, a glass dildo will feel great inside you!


What are glass dildos made from?

Glass dildos are created with borosilicate glass, which is 10 times harder than the glass windows are made from. It is extremely hard to shatter or crack this type of glass and is, in fact, the only type of glass that is certified safe as a sex toy material. They are blown in much the same manner as you’ve seen people creating other glass objects, and that is fun to watch!


How can I use a glass dildo?

The key with glass dildos is being aware of your or your partner’s bodies. Because they are so hard, glass dildos have the potential to hurt if you try to use them with a pounding force. Once you find the sweet spot of your or your partner’s vagina or ass, sure, you can pump a glass dildo, but more likely you’re going to want to ease it in and out and let the firm ridges and ripples caress long-neglected nerves for unbelievable sensation.

When starting out, rub the toy over and around your or your partner’s vulva or anus. Get a real feel for how rigid it is. When ready, ease it in, gently. Don’t try to go to fast, like you can with other dildos. You should have also considered the size of the glass dildo. Start off smaller and work your way up to bigger glass dildos as you gain more experience. It is essential that you use plenty of lube when playing with a glass dildo. Sure, they slide nice and easy, but they do need the lube to ensure there isn’t any unnecessary friction.

One of the great features of glass dildos is their ability to retain temperatures - hot or cold. For a whole new sexy feeling, put your glass dildo in the freezer or in an open oven. Let it cool down or heat up to a pleasing temperature. The sensations are completely different than any other sex toy you will try!


How can I buy a glass dildo?

Would you like to experience the unique sensation of a glass dildo for yourself? If so, just head on over to our category: Buy Glass Dildos.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if glass dildos are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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