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Guide to Glass Vibrators

Sometimes, sexual inspiration comes from the most unusual places. Most people would not immediately associate glass with sex toys. Most of the time we need to handle glass very delicately as it is so breakable. Would it even make sense to put glass anywhere near our fun-time bits?

Not only is it a great idea, but there are sex toys that can make this happen! Glass vibrators incorporate all of the sexiness of vibe play with the unique sensations of playing with glass. Don’t worry, these toys are very safe, there’s no chance the glass will break inside you. But what a glass vibrator will do is bring you amazing new thrills and strong orgasms!


What is a glass vibrator?

Glass Vibrators

Glass vibrators are vibrating sex toys that are primarily made from glass. This is no ordinary glass that you would find in a cup or a window. No, when it comes to glass vibrators, they're made from specially developed shatter-proof and break-proof Pyrex glass that will never break inside you.

Elegant, artistic and full of amazing sensations, glass vibrators have been around a long time, but have experienced a true renaissance in recent years. The ability of adult toy makers to mould and fashion glass into unique and exciting shapes that can touch and tickle our most intimate parts make them a sure­-fire addition to anyone’s treasure chest. Some people even keep them out to show off because they are so pretty!

And when you add vibration to the mix? Wow, you’re taking a great thing and making it almost unbelievable! Since glass is a hard material, the vibrations through it are much more powerful than some softer materials including silicone and rubber, meaning each vibration will be more intense, and as a result, more pleasurable.

Glass vibrators are a special toy that might seem a little tough to handle, but they truly are an experience to have. Glass is a tremendous substance for adult sex toys - it's clean, durable and fantastic. With the addition of a vibrating motor, the vibe takes on a whole new dimension. Like classic vibrators, glass is a tremendous conduit of that motion, with the strength keeping them from feeling loose or unsturdy.


What size glass vibrator is right for me?

Because glass is so strong and sturdy, it's important to consider the right size for you when shopping for a glass vibe. Unlike many other vibrators that can be pliable, glass vibes can be rough if not used with care. It is advised that you start off with something small and fairly straight to get used to the rigidness of the toy. Get to understand how it reacts with your body. You might be used to holding a vibrator tight against yourself or your partner and that might not feel great if you try it with a glass vibrator. If you are using it for penetration, you also need to consider size. Because the toy offers no give, going in with a glass vibrator that is too large could hurt.

Start off with something small and work your way up to include longer, wider and all of the wild shapes that glass vibe makers are coming up with. Once you gain some experience with glass vibrators and have more confidence, trying out and sorting through all of the magnificent shapes, sizes and designs will be a turn on in itself!


Are glass vibrators dangerous?

Some people worry that glass vibrators will break. Be assured that unless you’ve been doing Kegel exercises every day for decades, there is no way a glass vibrator is going to break inside you or your partner. That said, it is advisable to handle the vibrator with care, even when you're done with the fun! This is not the type of toy to leave on the bed and let roll off onto the floor. While the Pyrex glass used in glass vibrators is extremely strong and durable, if it is mishandled for too long, it will chip, crack and possibly break. If you notice damage to your vibe, please stop using it. Not only is it compromised in strength integrity, those little nicks can harbour bacteria.

We advise storing it in a safe place, away from dust and dirt, such as a sex toy bag, your top drawer hidden in a clean sock, or your bedside table in a padded bag.


How do I use a glass vibrator?

Glass Vibrators

The key to starting off with a glass vibrator is taking care to listen to your body. With them being so hard, you likely need to approach your or your partner’s tingly bits with a little more care. If you’re stimulating your or your partner’s vulva and clitoris, ensure that there is plenty of lubrication - natural or added - and hold on tight. Glass vibrators, when all lubed up, can be a little tricky to hold on to. Many come with rings at their base to ensure you don’t lose it! Once you’re all ready, gently caress the labia and the clitoris letting her feel the new sensation of the glass vibe. Different models have varying vibration strengths, but glass can transmit those vibes extremely well.

As the excitement grows, add more pressure to increase the contact with the vibration - but be mindful not to press too much. Remember, glass is really hard and you don’t want to squish a sensitive bit! If you’re using the glass vibrator internally, move it all around and get a feel for your or her internal anatomy. Pushing it in and out feels great, but again be careful not to be too rough.

One of the great secrets of glass vibrators is the way they retain temperature. Heat them up for one amazing sensation, cool them down for another! You can put glass vibrators in the oven or freezer, just ensure you take the motorized pieces out first so they don’t get damaged.


How can I buy a glass vibrator?

Is the thought of new and exciting sensations from a glass vibrator turning you on? We thought it might. If you're ready to buy your very own, you can explore our full range of glass vibes here: Buy a Glass Vibrator.



Need more help?

Would you like some more help before choosing a glass vibrator? Don't fear, help is near! Please Contact Customer Care and a vibrator expert from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch as soon as possible.


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