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Guide to Male Lubricants

When we talk about sex toys and adult products, most of the items that will quickly come to mind are designed for women. That’s how we generally think of sexy playthings. Dildos, vibrators and lingerie are the most pictured products. And then, when it comes to essentials, they too seem to fall into the realm of the ladies.

However, when we really think closely, one key essential has long been something guys are pretty keen on - though maybe not as much since they’ve become an actual product. This stuff, a necessary item for fellas for thousands of years, has advanced since the old days into something everyone, men and women, should have on their nightside table. Of course, this essential is lube and guys have got to have their preferred male lube at the ready.

Male Lubes

What is male lube?

There are many different lubes on the market that are perfect for men to use. Most guys are going to use lube for, generally, one of three activities: penetration with a woman, masturbation and anal pleasure. Let’s assume that fun with a lady defaults to her choice of lube, that leaves the last two. For these, a male lube is preferred because of these specific actions. For both masturbation and bum fun, guys prefer lubes that are a little thicker and that have long-standing ability. They don’t want to have to keep re-applying. Male lubes embody these traits to allow for super sexytime.

Why should I use a male lube?

The number one reason to use a male lube is the safety of your bits and pieces. When it comes to masturbation, guys fall into two camps: those who slick things up and those who ride dry. If you choose to not use lube, you run the risk of chafing and skin irritation. Using male lubes will allow your hand to glide up and down the penis with ease. As well, male lube is not only helpful for anal penetration, it is essential. If you’re taking toys or another penis into your ass, a good male lube will ensure that it can move safely. Too much friction on the ass can cause chafing as well, or fissures or tiny cuts. This could easily cause infection.

Can I use the same lube for anal and stroking?

Yes, you can definitely use the same lube for penis pleasure and anal pleasure, and many guys like a thicker lube for both of these pleasures. However, it is generally advised that lube goes in one direction only. If you are enjoying masturbatory fun with both your cock and ass, lube can start out on your penis and move to your bum... but it shouldn’t go the other way around. However, to add an extra thrill, as you move male lube to your ass, be sure to take a pit stop at your scrotum. Male lube feels great on the sensitive skin!

What is male lube made from?

There are many different types of lube and finding your favourite will be a fun adventure. You can learn more in-depth details in our different lube guides, but the main types of lube are water-based, silicone and oil. Most men will prefer silicone lubes for sex and masturbation.

How do I use male lube?

Male LubesAs with many things that have to do with male sexuality, it is really easy to describe how to use male lube: put it on your cock and go to town. Of course, that is so simplified as to be insulting. There are many different ways to use lube that will give him all kinds of thrills!

So far we’ve focused mostly on masturbation. Well, he isn’t the only person who might be stroking his penis. Sharing the pleasures of lube in a delightful handjob can certainly put an extra thrill into the situation. If you’d like to supply your fella with some hot manual stimulation, try two different things on different occasions. One time, apply the lube directly to his penis without heating it up at all. Get him hard and drop it on. Cold lube can be shockingly sexy! Or, for a different sensation, warm the lube, both the bottle and directly in your hands, before touching him.

Another significant thrill, done alone or with a partner, is to use a tingling lube. These special products have active ingredients that bring a completely new sensation to his penis’s skin. Alternate between fast and slow strokes to feel different effects. And every couple of minutes, stop entirely and blow on his erection. Not a blow job, just a little blowing of air. This will heighten the ingredients in the lube, dazzling him with sensations.

Okay, I'm ready to buy male lube, what now?

So you're ready to stock up on your own male lube to use by yourself or with your partner. Great! Just head on over to our male lubricant category: Buy Male Lubricants.

Need more help?

Would you like a little help choosing the right lube for you? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other lubricant guides here.

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