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How to Clean & Look After Your Sex Doll

cleaning sex dollThink of a time when you’ve wanted to wear a particular shirt, one that would be perfect for a date or a lunch or a meeting. You searched all through your wardrobe for it, but it is nowhere to be found. Finally, you see it balled up on the bottom of the hamper, having somehow eluded your last laundry day.

Now, you’re in a conundrum. You know it isn’t really dirty, but it really isn’t clean either. The last time you wore it was only a dinner date - and it didn’t stay on your body that long! But here it is, wrinkly and a little dank from being at the bottom of the hamper for over a week. Do you go for it?

Not likely! If you’re looking for a good time, you’re going to pick the best available option and to make sure that option is ready as much as possible, you take good care of it!

Now, since we’re not a fashion site here at Cherry Banana, let’s apply this thinking to something more important - your sex toys! Specifically, there is one certain type of sex toy that requires specific care and attention when it comes to cleaning and maintaining it. Dildos, vibrators, balls and eggs, these are pretty easy to maintain: wash after use and be careful to not drop them! But your super hot sex doll will require specific care and attention to ensure it keeps on putting out in the best possible way.

Sex dolls explained

Sex dolls are inflatable sex companions that are ready to meet your every desire and sexual need. They are available in a wide range of models featuring different sizes, ethnicities, quality, gender and available fun spots. If you have specific fantasies that you haven’t had the opportunity to fulfil in real life, these toys are ideal! Some sex dolls feature oral, vaginal, anal (and penises if you’re looking for a guy) openings for you to enjoy over and over. Some sex dolls are silly novelty toys, great for stag and hen parties, while others feature fantastic feeling openings made from high-quality materials that will surely drive you wild.

But, to ensure your sex doll always does feel amazing, you need to take care of it. There are two main concerns with sex dolls: inflation and cleaning.

Proper inflation

To maintain a firm feeling to your sex doll during all that your imagination can dream up, you should ensure you do not overinflate the toy when you use it. If you are putting pressure on your blown-up beauty, you will put pressure on the seams, potentially leading to leaks. You should also ensure your sex doll does not come in contact with sharp or hot things, or it might get a whole new hole that you do not want! Most models of sex dolls come with a patch kit if such an accident should happen. Be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Proper washing

cleaning sex dollThe next consideration is also very important: always clean your sex doll - inside and outside - with a sex toy cleaner before and after each use. Leftover lube, sweat and ejaculate will collect dust, bacteria and other nasties. If you leave these substances on your toys for too long, especially with realistic material, you may even discover a mildew situation the next time you want to play.

Fortunately, sex dolls are really easy to clean. Some models feature removable orifices that can be taken off and cleaned thoroughly. Or, they can be turned inside out and pulled out to wipe and dry. The most challenging version you might play with (and it really isn’t a problem at all), is one whose holes remain internal. If this is the case, a soft, long-handled scrub brush would be best to use.

The best thing to clean your sex doll with is a quality sex toy cleaner. These solutions ensure that no leftover nasties will remain after you’re done, and your sex doll will be ready to go the next time you are!

Remember, sex dolls are a great way to have dirty fun - if you keep them clean!

Buying a sex doll

Would you like to explore your fantasies with your own sex doll? If so, just head on over to our category: Buy Sex Dolls.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a sex doll is right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.

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