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10 Reasons Every Woman Needs a Clitoral Toy

Some people talk about their sex toys in loving, appreciative terms. There’s a good reason for that: they take care of your needs and never let you down! And some of the most reliable, most loving are clitoral toys! Check out our top ten reasons why every woman needs a clitoral toy.


1. Rev up, down and all around

Our sexual interests and abilities vary throughout the day, from day to day, week to week - you get the point. Nobody wants the exact same thing every single time they want to have sex and orgasm. Sometimes you’re ready to go and eager to get down to business. Then you’re likely to pull your clitoral toy out and go to town! Other times, you’re going to want something slow and sensual, starting up easy and ramping up to intense. This is the great thing about many clitoral toys: many feature different speed and vibration settings. You might prefer a low, pulsing hum or you might want a driving, fast beat of a vibe. So many options!


2. So many different sizes to choose from

Some say “the bigger the better” while others prefer the “motion of the ocean.” Whatever your preference - big, small or something in between - there is a clitoral toy just the right size for you. There are big, strong, hefty handfuls and small, discreet little versions. Each will provide a different type of pleasure and a hot orgasm. Of course, you might like different sizes on different days!


3. Easily portable, some are wearable

Clitoral toys are so easy to use and so versatile, that sometimes they just need to be placed near your sensitive spots to blow your mind with sexy fun. Some are so simple they’re hands-free! Portable toys can then easily slip into a bag and make travelling a breeze. Or they might easily slip into your knickers! Imagine the sexy secret of standing in the checkout line or conducting a board meeting with a wearable toy like vibrating panties quietly humming away. You might want to practice your poker face!


4. Some women can only orgasm with clit stimulation

For years and years, women’s sexuality and pleasure was misunderstood and ignored. A woman who could not orgasm was deemed to have something wrong with her. In reality, she just might not have known what type of stimulation helped her achieve orgasm. Fortunately, a lot more is now known about the clitoris and stimulating this sensitive organ is actually the only way many women can orgasm. A clitoral toy has helped many women understand their bodies and experience pleasure when they wouldn’t have otherwise.


5. Power at your fingertips

If clitoral stimulation toys are anything, they are practical. These buzzing bundles of fun can be powered in one of three ways: battery, recharging or plug-in. You can choose what is best for you! Heavy users might want a plug-in clitoral toy to cut down on battery costs. Those conscious of environment concerns might like the recharging toys. And those who travel frequently will probably opt for battery-operated versions. Just remember to take your batteries out before your travel to avoid embarrassing mystery noises!


6. Makes anal even more amazing

Anal sex has fast become a favourite activity among couples across the world (because we’re learning how to do it right!). Adding clitoral stimulation with a toy will heighten the already fantastic pleasures of anal sex to unprecedented levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Because the anus and clitoris are two different erotic centres, you’ll be doubling your potential of pleasure and climax!


7. Delicious duet with your G-spot for squirting

Another type of delicious double-dipping is combining g-spot massage with clitoral stimulation to try and squirt! Female ejaculation is definitely a learned activity, one that not every women can achieve. But if you do manage to get there, the orgasmic potential is off the charts! While it is possible to reach this epic cum through specific g-spot stimulation, adding a clitoral toy to the mix will make it more likely and more powerful.


8. Great addition to play with a partner

For many, the height of sexual pleasure and intimacy is sex with a partner. But that doesn’t mean two people are always entirely in sync when it comes to helping each other reach orgasm. Particularly in new relationships and others that have become a bit stale, learning and relearning pleasure hotspots is key. A clitoral toy will greatly aid foreplay and intercourse! The vibrations will actually feel great for both partners. And when you both feel great, you’ll enjoy a better connection all-around.


9. Great addition to masturbation with a dildo

When you really just want to get off, whether to relax, alleviate stress or just because you’re really horny, a clitoral toy can be your best friend. And as good as playing with your clit can be, some kind of penetration will put the cherry on top! Adding a dildo to the mix can help you experience fantastic solo sensations. As you stimulate your clitoris, take moments to move the toy down to touch the dildo. You’ll feel those vibrations throughout your body. Amazing!


10. Fantastic orgasms!

Clitoral play and using clitoral toys is the best way for most women to achieve those orgasms you think about the next day, next week and leave you wanting more and more! And of course, just because you’ve come once, doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Enjoy some penetration, g-spot stimulation or other delicious activities and when you’ve given it a few moments to relax, move back up to your sensitive button and do it all again!


How can I buy clitoral toys?

If you want to enjoy new and exciting pleasures in the bedroom, clitoral toys are the perfect choice. Just head on over to our category: Buy Clitoral Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if clitoral toys are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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