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Guide to Clitoral Stimulators

In the older days, women had been given a significant disservice when it comes to sex. Well, not just a disservice, more like they’d been completely neglected. Back then, the general lack of understanding of women’s pleasure had lead to a lack of both research and consideration of the way women function and how they prefer to enjoy sex. Let’s remember: the clitoris’s actual size and shape was only recently fully understood! Amazing!

However, we are now starting to understand what women need and want in order to enjoy sexual experiences. Sigmund Freud may have put forth the idea that it was all about vaginal penetration, but that cigar just wasn’t a cigar at all. Instead, the smokin’ hot spot for many women is actually their clitoris and clitoral stimulators will help many achieve exquisite pleasure.


What are clitoral stimulators?

Every woman has her own favourite sexual preferences and desires. This may be hard to believe given how women’s sexuality was ignored and often even disputed for many centuries. However, we do now definitely know that women love, desire and crave sex and when they do enjoy some horizontal hot times, they also love to orgasm.

And gone are the days that a woman’s orgasm is deemed secondary to a man’s pleasure and fulfilment. Women want and deserve to get off just as much as men do. Unfortunately, many ladies just don’t get off as easy as the fellas - which surely has more to do with unfortunately erectile engineering on the guy’s part. Women are built to enjoy many different types of sexual stimulation and can enjoy them all simultaneously. However, it still remains a challenge for some women to achieve orgasm.

Fortunately, great sex education is changing this. And one of the most important understandings to come out of our current expansion of sex ed is the sensual power of the clitoris. This powerful collection of nerve endings at the top of the vulva is often the key to women’s orgasms. Some simply cannot get off without clitoral stimulation. Understanding just how essential the clitoris can be to a satisfying sexual experience has opened realms of pleasure to many women. And one of the best ways to achieve that mindblowing feeling is by using a clitoral stimulator.

Vibration has become a very important part of sex toy innovation, and clitoral stimulators have advanced greatly over the years. There are so many different varieties that you are sure to find one - or possibly many - that enhance your sex life. Clitoral stimulators come in many different shapes, sizes, colours, textures and speeds that picking between them all will surely be a fun and exciting research mission. At the core to each of these toys is powerful and thrilling vibration, which can be controlled with the flick of a switch or even by remote control.


What type of clitoral stimulator is right for me?

Clitoral stimulators are so varied that finding the right size is going to be an adventure! The key is to understand and know your body’s cravings and desires. Do you prefer direct vibration on your clit or do you get off by circling it? Do you want a toy that covers the surface area of your clit or do you prefer to gently touch the toy to your clitoral hood? Because every person achieves sexual heights in different ways, toys have been created to meet all of our different needs. Another factor to consider is how you want to hold the toy. Some women enjoy a clitoral stimulator they can control in the fingers, while others want a toy with a handle. Again, think about your comfort and excitement when you browse through our clitoral stimulation collection.


Can we use one together?

Our sexual needs are all different, and one of the best ways to achieve true intimacy with a partner is to learn about and understand your partner’s hot spots and turn ons. Because many women are particularly likely to experience wonderful orgasms through clitoral stimulation, this is a great place for her to teach her partner about what excites and satisfies her. And if you’re playing with a man, this instruction is key. Sure, he might fumble along and passion could turn you on to coming, but remember, guys don’t have clits and knowing how to touch yours can be an understandable challenge. These days, guys do actually want to please women sexually, and teaching them how to with a clitoral stimulator will be the best kind of learning you two can do!


How can a clitoral stimulator be used?

One of the great things about clitoral stimulation toys is their fantastic versatility, whether you’re playing alone or with a partner. Because female orgasm has been pushed to the back of the sexual line for so long, many women do need to learn how to pleasure themselves before they can achieve sexual satisfaction with another. Clitoral stimulators are the perfect way to expand your sexual self.

Using a clitoral stimulator is both simple and a learning experience. Ideally you just lay back and touch the toy to your clit and away you go! Realistically, you’re going to experiment a lot before you find the perfect path to pure pleasure. It might come through a long session running the stimulator all over your skin - not just your clit. Feel it sooth your body and turn you on at the same time. Slowly bring it closer and closer to your vulva, and eventually touch it to your clitoris. If you want direct stimulation, hold it in place or even squeeze your legs together for snug tension. Or you might like trailing it in circles around your clit. Waves of pleasure will ebb and flow as you increase and decrease the speed of the rotation.

Clitoral stimulators are also a sexy addition to penetration by penis, tongue, fingers or dildo. Some women absolutely love the feeling of being filled while at the same time enjoying sensual vibrations. The possibilities are endless with your new, favourite clitoral stimulator!


How can I buy a clitoral stimulator?

If you want to enjoy new and exciting pleasures in the bedroom, clitoral stimulators are the perfect choice. Just head on over to our category: Buy Clitoral Stimulators.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if clitoral stimulators are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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