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Guide to Clitoral Bullets

It is hard to believe that such an integral part of women’s sexual anatomy has been so misunderstood for so long. Long thought to be just a small part of stimulation, the clitoris is finally coming to be understood as a key source of sexual pleasure in women. And it isn’t just a little nub that many lovers have difficulty finding. In fact, the clitoris reaches down in a horseshoe shape down each side of the vaginal canal!

So it is no wonder that the clitoris holds so much pleasure for women and why, for many women, clitoral stimulation is essential for potentially reaching orgasm. While the clitoris has remained a bit of a mystery, one thing that has long been understood about it is that women enjoy vibration on their clitoris. And one of the best types of vibes is a clitoral bullet.


What is a clitoral bullet?

Everybody is unique when it comes to their enjoyment of sex. Some women are highly aroused by caresses while others prefer spanks. Some want delicate intercourse while others crave a fast-paced romp. Some can orgasm with many different types of hot sex, while others need particular attention and focus.

It was long a myth (to those who even bothered to care) that the way to please a woman was with intercourse or internal stimulation. In reality, women are far more likely to come when their clitoris is stimulated. That sexy little nub hidden away at the top of the vulva, the clit contains countless nerve endings, making it a centrepoint of erotic sensation. And one of the best toys to please a woman’s clitoris is with a clitoral bullet.

These widely-varied sex toys may be small, but they offer everything you need to rub yourself or your partner the right way. Coming in a huge array of styles, shapes, colours, textures and vibration speed options, clitoral bullets share one thing in common: amazing sensations. Some of these small wonders are controlled by remote control, while others feature a simple push-button design. Their small size makes them ideal for travelling as many types can easily slip into a bag, purse or even a pocket. Many also feature different speed settings for those times you want to take it slow and easy and those other moments when you want to get off NOW.


What type of clitoral bullet is right for me?

Most clitoral bullets are small in shape to maximize the power of their motors that produce the sexy vibes. The key to finding the perfect clitoral bullet is knowing what sensations you are most hot for. Do you like a direct, uninterrupted vibration on your clit? There are plenty of simple, flat and round bullets that will make you gasp. Do you prefer a rabbit-type attachment to flick at your pleasure centre? There are plenty of those models as well. Perhaps it is a penis shape with bonus vibration that will get you to that sweet spot. There are so many different shapes and styles of clitoral bullets that it is important to really consider your needs. Of course, it is always fun to try a few different models out!


Can they bring me to orgasm?

As previously noted, many women are only able to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Sure, things like intercourse, nipple play, anal sex and other activities are great, but for many, the clit needs to be a focus of sexual attention. Because clitoral bullets are small, strong and specifically designed to properly stimulate a woman’s clitoris, it is no surprise that they are one of the most trusted sex toys for women to have that mind-blowing climax. And because they are also so versatile, they are also perfect for solo or partnered play. You can hold the toy with one hand and easily stimulate other parts of your body. Or, get a partner involved for some penetration passion!


How do I use a clitoral bullet?

The premise behind clitoral bullets is pretty simple: Turn it on, hold it against your or your partner’s clitoris and let the cumming commence! However, these toys might be small but you can do a whole lot more with them than that!

One of the great varieties a clitoral bullet offers is how you hold it while masturbating. You can simply grasp it in your fingertips and press the tip to your clit. You can also try cupping it in your hand and pressing your whole palm and fingers against yourself, realizing different touch sensations at the same time as the vibration. If your toy has variable speeds, be sure to experiment with the different speeds it offers and what your mood calls for. You can also try holding it still or moving it around, even away from your clit to explore other highly erotic spots such as your labia, vulva, anus and nipples.

If you and a partner are playing with the clitoral bullet, it is easily held between you for a fantastic addition to sex, whether with a penis or dildo! The combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation can induce deep and powerful orgasms. And if your partner is a fella, be sure to circle the head of his penis with a clitoral bullet - it will drive him wild!


How can I buy a clitoral bullet?

If you want to enjoy new and exciting pleasures in the bedroom, clitoral bullets are the perfect choice. Just head on over to our category: Buy Clitoral Bullets.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if clitoral bullets are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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