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Guide to Tongue & Finger Toys

Our bodies are capable of some amazing sensations and feelings. Not only are we able to feel these things, but we are great at providing these glorious sensations to others as well. Except when we’re not. Except when we’re not there, not at home or not able to visit. What are our lovers left to do?

The world of sex toys is a great place to start! There are plenty of toys that incorporate the sensual shapes of penises and vulvas, but what about the other parts we use to tantalize and tease? If great sex just happened with this anatomy, we’d be missing out! We know this because we know just how amazing fingers and tongues can be in real sex. So, of course, tongue and finger toys can be a great addition to the pleasure chest!


What are tongue and finger toys?

Okay, you might be here out of curiosity and confusion. Yes, there are such things as tongue and finger toys. No, they aren’t what you’re thinking.

Tongue and finger sex toys are a unique and highly pleasurable way to experience new and exciting sexual thrills. But let’s get the picture of finger and tongue-shaped toys out of your head before we go any further! For the record, that type of sex toy does exist, but right now we’re talking about the amazing erotic potential of tongue and finger vibrating toys!

These high-powered, small wonders will be a great addition to both your solo and partnered sex activities. Slip one of these mini vibrators over your finger or tongue and let it create some serious sexual magic. Available in a wide range of colours, shapes, textures and sizes, tongue and finger toys will provide you or your partner unprecedented stimulation and unbelievable orgasms.

On top of coming in countless shapes and designs to keep you coming countless times, tongue and finger toys also offer different speed and vibration settings. Maybe you want a slow, steady rhythm, or maybe you need some pulse pulse pulse action. These fantastic additions to your pleasure chest will have you moaning and begging for more.


What type of tongue or finger toy is right for me?

Tongue and finger toys are generally small and powerful, with the idea that they can slip comfortably on a finger or tongue and not get in the way - all the while edging you closer and closer to ecstasy. So it isn’t so much the size of the toy that you should focus on, it is the shape. Finger and tongue toys come in a variety of shapes to work your clit just as you desire. Some models are smooth and slender to focus the vibration specifically on your clitoris. Others are wider and flat to disperse the pleasure across your clit and to your vulva. There are also rabbit-shaped versions with flickering ears that send amazing sensations to all parts of your clit. Tongue and finger toys also offer various textures including ribs and nubs to further enhance your pleasure.


Can I use more than one?

Think about it: most people have more than one finger. Can you imagine the intense and amazing feeling of being touched by more than one vibrator at once? Okay, it might be a little overwhelming, but the potential of you or your partner donning two, three, five or even more of these excellent little devices is absolutely intriguing! The possibilities are endless and start with a well-deserved massage. Your partner could attach a finger toy to each digit and then roam that hand all over your body. Not only will this soothe you after a hard day, but it will definitely get you turned on and ready to take things further!


How can I use a tongue or finger toy?

The great thing about tongue and finger sex toys is that they can be used by you or by your partner. Of course, you can’t really use a tongue toy on yourself, but when your partner uses it, you will surely smile. A lot.

These toys are also super easy to use. For finger vibrators, simply slip them on, turn them on and turn yourself on! Because the toy becomes an extension of your own hand, you will be completely in control of where you aim it for maximum pleasure. If you aren’t already wet, add some lube to help the toy slide to all of your sensitive spots. Depending on your choice of toy and how you like to come, you can hold it in place, dip it up and down your vulva or tease your clit with hide and seek pleasure. Of course, you can change the speed and vibration pattern as much as you like! And of course, your partner could be the one with the toy on and do all of this for you.

Finger toys are also a fantastic addition to hot sex! You or your partner can keep a finger on your button during sex to help build a mindblowing orgasm.

Tongue toys are a whole new type of awesome. It might take your partner a little time to get used to the feeling of vibration on their tongue, but that will soon disappear when they see just how excited and pleased you are. Tongue toys are a great addition to oral sex. You partner can lick up and down your vulva, concentrate on your clit, or alternate between both! Add in some well placed finger penetration or a sexy dildo and you will ride waves of passion and pleasure!


How can I buy tongue and finger toys?

If you want to enjoy new and exciting pleasures in the bedroom, tongue and finger toys are the perfect choice. Just head on over to our category: Buy Tongue & Finger Toys.



Need more help?

Not quite sure if tongue and finger toys are right for you and need a little more help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other sex toy guides here.


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