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Beginner's Guide to Hoods & Masks

bondage masksAll of the hit movies these days seem to focus on figures who have to shield their real identities behind a mask. They are out to perform amazing physical feats and bring pleasure to others around them. And then, when their mask comes off, they return to regular life, keeping their true identity to themselves.

If we’re talking about movies, then sure, those masked folks are superheroes running around under the cover of a mask. However, these aren’t the only people who bring joy into lives while under a hood. Super sexy folks can wear masks and hoods in the most delicious, BDSM-flavoured way too!

What are bondage masks and hoods?

A big part of BDSM play can be immersing yourself in a new role, even becoming a different you. This can be a particularly alluring aspect of being submissive. It is ability to move outside yourself and participate in all of the erotic delights of BDSM while putting your own identity on hold. Sometimes you want your play to be a little more playful and light - masks are great for this. At other times, you want to become totally lost in the scene - this is where hoods come from. Masks are often the typical, sexy masquerade-type look that allows you to see and cover just a little bit of your face. They can certainly highlight a sexy, BDSM-inspired outfit! Hoods, on the other hand, can totally envelope your whole head, allowing varying levels of sensory abilities to come through.

Why should I use bondage masks and hoods?

Hoods and masks are both fashionable and functional. For starters, masks always look great. They have a tremendous allure to them because they highlight the best features of a person’s face. They can make eyes dazzle, cheekbones pop out and lips entirely delectable. Hoods, on the other hand, are the workhorse. Worn by submissives, hoods cover the face and head and indicate that you understand your role. By taking away your senses, you give yourself over to the control of your dominant.

bondage masks

Can they be used for sensual sensory deprivation?

It has often been said that if you take away some senses, others become heightened and more acute. Using hoods in sexytimes can certainly make this a reality. A hood can potentially reduce or eliminate four senses: sight, smell, taste and hearing. Sight can be taken right away with a hood and hearing can be greatly diminished. As any or all of these are removed from your body’s abilities, your remaining exposed sense, touch, becomes more enhanced. You will feel the tendrils of a flogger more. You will feel the spank of a hand more. You will feel the tickle of feathers more. Sensory deprivation can be one of the most intense sexual experiences you can have.

Can hoods and masks be used for role-play?

Hoods and masks can be used in two different ways to recreate the fantastical world of a ball. Masks obviously fit into role play of a masquerade. You and your partner can pretend to not know each other, and then learn about each other while you dance away. You can ask probing questions under the anonymity offered by your mask. A bondage hood could also be used for a very different kind of ball. Not knowing where you are headed, the dominant could glide you around in dance, leading you to different delicious tortures. You could be danced to a bench and then bent over and spanked. You could be waltzed to a cross and then caned across the ass. Give yourself over to the dance!

What are hoods and masks made from?

You can find hoods and masks from many different materials, including latex, PVC, leather, rubber and many more. Masks are fairly simple, but if you’re looking to wear a hood, be sure to pick a material you are most comfortable with.

How are bondage hoods and masks used?

bondage masksMasks are universal. They can be worn by both tops and bottoms in a scene for maximum effect. Either role can make use of the hidden identity ideal. A fun way to play with masks is to start off with them on and then pull them off midway through a sexy activity, or even right before climax. Of course, masks are not solely in the realm of BDSM. They can be very hot in almost every sexual situation!

Hoods, on the other hand, have clear BDSM significance. Because they are a clear signal of submission, hoods can be a part of BDSM ceremony. At the beginning of a scene, the dominant can instruct the sub to don their hood. Or, the dominant can put the hood on the submissive themselves. This signifies and solidifies the scene and their relationship for the duration of that session.

One important thing to remember about hoods is that some can also muffle speech. If that is the case, it is key that you work out a safe movement to ensure the submissive consents to all activities. Instead of being able to say “red” to stop, they could touch their own thigh to indicate a stop.

How can I buy hoods and masks?

By now you probably have some sexy scenarios planned for using a bondage hood or mask. If you want to buy your own, just head on over to our hoods and masks category: Buy Bondage Hoods & Masks.

Need more help?

Not sure if bondage hoods and masks are right for you and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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