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Beginner's Guide to Mouth Gags

The mouth is a very sensual part of our bodies. We speak words that excite others. We taste food the tickles our palates. We swirl our tongues across skin. We kiss delicious lips. Our mouths are intimately connected to many of our joys, so much so that some people cannot imagine sex without using their mouths in some way. Not because our mouths are utilitarian, but because we love it.

Mouth GagsBut what if you couldn’t use your mouth in sex? No kisses, no licks on an earlobe, no sucking on nipples, no blowjobs or cunnilingus. You couldn’t even speak the words of your desire! And what if you were prevented from enjoying all of this by someone else. Someone who tells you to stop and when you don’t, they make you. They put a gag in your mouth - and you love it.

The description above may have seemed like a non-consensual scene of power dynamics gone wrong, but the use of mouth gags is actually a popular aspect of BDSM and bondage. Whether it comes through designed struggle or willing submission, some people love the feeling of various types of mouth gags and the power it strips from them. Because our mouths are so intrinsically connected to sex, from vocalization to tender emotion to full sex acts dependent on the parting of lips, removing the mouth from the potential of sex is very empowering for a dominant partner and one of the ultimate acts of submission for the other.

Mouth gags explained

Mouth gags are strong straps that wrap around the head at jaw level. As these straps go over the mouth, they incorporate a different style of gag, of which there are a number. Gags can range in size and the players will have to work together to find the gag size that best fits the submissive. Too big and the sub’s mouth and jaw will become sore. Too small and the gag won’t do its job of properly holding the mouth open.

Safety with gags

Before we share the different types of mouth gags, we must make a note on safety. In most BDSM and bondage scenes, players establish a safe word or words that can be spoken at any time to slow, change or entirely stop the action. If you are using mouth gags, you should find and agree upon some non-verbal cues the submissive can use to indicate their needs in the heat of the moment. This puts more onus on the dominant to always be aware of the sub’s physicality. Safe words are really easy to hear, but safe taps or touch or waves have to be seen - and could be easily missed.

Types of mouth gags

Now that you have a fair understanding of what mouth gags are and how to use them safely, we've listed the different types available at Cherry Banana below:

Ball Gags

Ball Gags

Ball gags are one of the most iconic symbols of BDSM and bondage and is usually the version of a gag used in mainstream media. The ball is quite well-suited for this type of bondage, combining maximum mouth control with comfort for the submissive wearing it.

Bit Gags

Bit Gags

If you have experience with horses, you will know about this variation. Bit gags are cylindrical in shape and fit between the submissive’s teeth. They can be tightened with the gag strapping or with an additional head harness. It should be no surprise they are popular in pony play.

O-ring Gags

O-ring Gags

O-ring gags give back some of the potential of oral sensation to the submissive because they leave the mouth wide open. The ring is placed behind the teeth and then a strap goes around the head to secure it in place. This leaves the inside of the mouth exposed for whatever activity the dominant chooses to enjoy.

Breathable Gags

Breathable Gags

Some folks are very keen to explore gags for sexytimes but feel too restricted in ball or bit gags. They can be a little hard to breathe in. If you have the same feeling, try a breathable gag! They are comfortable and allow the submissive to still breathe through their mouths when the action gets hot!

How can I buy a mouth gag?

Is the thought of having your or your partner's mouth gagged turning you on? We thought it might be. If you would like to purchase your own mouth gag to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our mouth gags category: Buy Mouth Gags.

Need more help?

Not quite sure which type of mouth gag to choose and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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