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Guide to Bit Gags

bit gagsHave you ever noticed how many different horse-related terms there are in sex? One of the hottest positions is Reverse Cowgirl. One of the most controversial practices is barebacking. And, of course, anybody who is going through a dry spell is probably looking to get back in the saddle. Because humans relied on horses for so long, they have become ingrained in so many parts of our nature.

So, it is no surprise that we are always finding new ways to incorporate equines into our sexual landscape. We’re not talking interspecies sex, we’re talking horse-related items and equipment to be enjoyable in human-to-human sex. And one of those is a popular BDSM product - the bit gag.

What are bit gags?

If you’ve ever spent time with horses, you’ll know how important this item is to controlling a horse - and now you’ll learn how to control a submissive! Bits are a cylindrical shaped mouth gag, very similar to the iconic ball gag. It is not as big because it is meant to fit between the teeth and held tightly in place there. The bit gag features straps that pull back and around the head, along the jawline and fasten around with a buckle at the back of the head.

Why should I use a bit gag?

Bit gags offer two great features. First, they are more comfortable for the slave wearing it. They are not forced to open their mouths and jaw as far as with other mouth gags. The second reason is both psychological and practical. Many folks do want to experience the sensation of being led by reins and having their head controlled. Bit gags often feature the option of attaching leading devices to ensure this sensation is available.

On the idea of bit gags and reins, this is a different and unique way to continue the BDSM theme of leading your pet. Many people into BDSM enjoy using collars and leashes - bit gags and reins are a more extreme variant of that idea. Instead of being lead and controlled by the neck, the submissive is lead by the mouth. We have little control over our reactions and ability to resist when being lead by the mouth and head. A sharp pull can make someone follow whether they want to or not. Bit gags with reins are a very hot and strong BDSM experience.

Can I use a bit gag for pony play?

Remember how we noted how strongly influenced people are by horses and that connection we have to them? Some folks are so connected they enjoy emulating our equine friends in pony play. This fascinating extension of BDSM can involve a number of options for the submissive. Some pony players like to use a bit gag and reins while others go further with head harnesses, horse tail butt plugs, custom saddles and more. Pony play can involve looking and acting like a horse or it can be taken further to include being a horse and having your Master or Mistress ride around on your back!

What are bit gags made from?

Much like other mouth gags, bit gags feature straps, usually leather, that extend around the head. You may find some made of vinyl or even chain. The bit itself could be made from either rubber, wood, leather or plastic.

How can I use a bit gag?

woman wearing bit gagBefore a bit gag is placed in a submissive’s mouth, both parties should establish a safe signal. This is key because safe words won’t work in a gag situation. The slave won’t be able to signal with their mouth full! Instead, pick a hand gesture that will be a clear indication to the Master or Mistress that it is time to stop. The dominant needs to be extra-aware, in this type of situation, of the submissive’s motions and take on extra responsibility to ensure safety.

One of the key aspects of using bit gags is ensuring you have the right size bit for the slave’s mouth. It should not be too big or wide or it will be uncomfortable. And it should not be too small or the sub’s teeth might not fall into the right spot. Depending on the acts you two are interested in enjoying, rattling teeth might pose a problem.

Once you get it in the right spot, tighten the straps to the desired tightness. It should not be so tight as to be painful for the sub (it is doubtful either player is aiming for that), however, the straps should be secure enough as to not let the bit move around. That’ll defeat the purpose. Your slave might get loose!

One last thing to consider when using bit gags: prepare for lots of drooling. Society has turned drooling into a very taboo thing to do. It is associated with under-civilised people. In reality, saliva maintains a distinct following as something people find really sexy.

How can I buy a bit gag?

Is the thought of having your or your partner's mouth gagged turning you on? We thought it might be. If you would like to purchase your own bit gag to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our category: Buy Bit Gags.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if a bit gag is right for you and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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