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Guide to O-ring Mouth Gags

If you are a fan of BDSM and bondage, there are probably many expressions you are already familiar with. There’s the gasp, the sigh, the yelp and of course, the safe word. The many different acts and activities that fall under the sexy umbrella of BDSM can elicit countless different reactions. But one that you’ll surely love and want more of is “oh!”

The thing is, “oh” isn’t just a reaction when it comes to BDSM - it is also a tool! There are a number of different types of gags, a very popular piece of restraint equipment. And one of the most distinct is the o-ring gag!

What are o-ring gags?

Other types of mouth gags, such as ball gags and bit gags, are meant to stifle and muffle the wearer’s ability to speak. An o-ring gag replaces the muffling part by instead creating a forced open passageway into the mouth. The o-ring sits behind the teeth and allows the submissive wearing it more opportunity to speak and move their tongue around. They won’t be able to speak well, but their sounds will be better heard. The key part of an o-ring gag though is the opportunities to play with such a deliciously open mouth.

Why should I use an o-ring gag?

o-ring gagsO-ring gags are great for a practical reason and a devious one. If you are concerned about not being able to breathe with another type of gag in, or just aren’t turned on by the restrictiveness of other gags, an o-ring gag could be ideal for you. Because it creates that open space, it is much easier for the wearer to breathe and provides a less confining feeling. The devious part is also linked to that openness. A dominant can do a lot of different things to an open mouth, as we’ll see.

The mouth is such a sensitive and sensual part of our body. We use our lips and tongues in so many delicate ways that it makes naughty sense that we can also use their sensitivity in BDSM. By using an o-ring gag on a slave, you are establishing an open path to the sensitive lips and tongue that can be used for exquisite torture. Even just running a finger along the stretched lips or the top of the tongue out can elicit quite a response. Now do it with something sharp. Or warm. Or maybe you really want to stuff something right into that gaping hole!

Can o-ring gags be used for oral sex?

O-ring gags are perfect for consensually forced oral performed by a submissive. They have no choice but to take you into their mouth! Whether you want your sub to suck your cock or your strap-on, as long as you can fit it through the ring, they can take it. It is also possible that a slave could be forced to perform oral on a vulva as well, but that would greatly depend on the length of their tongue. Whether your sub can really go down on you might not even be your goal. Just mashing their mouths into your hot sex could be utterly dominating.

What are o-ring gags made from?

The key part of an o-ring gag to consider is what the ring is actually made from. Some people will enjoy o-ring gags that feature hard, metal rings. For those who are concerned about the effect that will have on their teeth, there are also o-ring gags that feature solid, silicone rings. And as with other gags, the straps are most often made of leather, but some are made of chain or vinyl.

o-ring gags

How can I use an o-ring gag?

There is one important thing to know about o-ring gags: be prepared for lots of drooling. The sub won’t be able to help it. Society has turned drooling into a very taboo thing to do. It is associated with under-civilised people. In reality, saliva maintains a distinct following as something people find really sexy. You might keep a hanky handy just in case.

The first key to using an o-ring gag is to make sure you position it properly before securing it. The o-ring goes behind the teeth, nestling against the roof and floor of the mouth. Depending on the activities you want to try, the ring should be of the right size as to not cause unnecessary jaw pain for the sub. Hopefully they can open their mouth as far as you need a ring to be! Once you get it in the right spot, tighten the straps to the desired tightness. It should not be too tight as to be painful for the sub (it is doubtful either player is aiming for that), however, the straps should be secure enough as to not let the ring move around. That’ll defeat the purpose. Your slave might get loose!

Before you even get to the wearing stage, both parties should establish a safe signal. Remember, safe words won’t work in an o-ring gag scene. The sub won’t be able to verbally communicate their needs. Instead, establish a hand gesture that will be a clear indication to the top that it is time to stop. In this type of situation the dominant needs to be extra-aware of the submissive’s motions and take on extra responsibility.

How can I buy an o-ring gag?

Is the thought of having your or your partner's mouth gagged open turning you on? We thought it might be. If you would like to purchase your own o-ring gag to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our category: Buy O-ring Gags.

Need more help?

Not quite sure if an o-ring gag is right for you and need a little help? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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