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Beginner's Guide to Medical Gear

Medical GearThere’s a line that used to run through comedy from decades ago. “Is there a doctor in the house?” used to make people laugh wildly. The joke itself may have faded, but the idea of a doctor being present can now bring out a different sensation in people - and it definitely isn’t laughter. And it doesn’t just have to be a doctor, it could be a nurse. Because some folks definitely have plenty of kinky thoughts when it comes to the medical profession.

Having an attraction to doctors, nurses, medical scenes and equipment is a popular sexual interest and even a fetish. It could be the uniforms, the tools or even just the idea of laying on the examination table, completely at the mercy of another person. Doctor and nurse scenes can play out in many different ways. And if you feel a sexual fever coming on, you’ll need some medical gear to help you feel better.

What is medical gear?

We all know that doctors and nurses have a lot of specialized equipment at their disposal. The black bag is such an iconic image when it comes to doctors. So it only makes sense, if you’re setting up a sexy doctor scene, that medical gear would be a part of that. Popular items in your kinky doctor’s kit often include speculums, forceps, safety scissors, wartenberg wheels, rubber hammers and gloves. With these kinky implements, your patient can be thoroughly examined.

Why should I use medical gear?

It is one thing to play doctor, and something completely another to use this type of medical gear. As you incorporate elements of BDSM into your sex life, the more extreme equipment in the medical field has both an element of doctor/patient and dominant/submissive. This specialized medical gear extends that relationship. Items such as a wartenberg wheel bring an element of pain and sensation to the situation that is, in one sense, minor, but in another quite intense - partly through the roles of the players. Other sexy medical gear, such as forceps, extend the bondage part of BDSM into the medical-themed situation.

How can medical gear be sexy?

One of the biggest appeals of medical gear for BDSM play is the thought of being uncomfortable, and the equipment making you feel that way even more. Everybody has felt awkward and uncomfortable taking their clothes off at the doctor’s, even when they give you one of those peekaboo gowns. There is also the anticipation and eventual realization that all of those medical instruments are sitting on a table or hanging on a rack - and they are going to be cold. And, while explained more momentarily, there is also the idea of a strange person touching and manipulating your body.

Medical Gear

Should I play naughty nurse or dirty doctor?

The thought of going to see the doctor or going to the hospital sends shivers up many people’s spines. Medical professionals can often be seen as cold, unnerving and bossy. Kind of sounds how some dominants are! So it is only natural that these characters can extend into the kinky sex world. Your doctor or nurse can be forceful and domineering as they tell you to get undressed and do things to your body with their unforgiving medical gear. They can open up your vagina or anus with speculums and maintain a physical distance by only touching you through gloves. And you’ll say thank you, because they are doing their job.

What is medical gear made from?

Medical gear can be made from a variety of different body-safe materials. Things like scissors and speculums are crafted from stainless steel, of the same quality as true medical equipment. Others can be made from leather or latex - it depends what kind of equipment you desire! Rest assured all medical gear will be of high quality to ensure the safety of our 'patients'.

How can I use medical gear?

Because medical gear often involves a significant amount of role play, it is important to incorporate one of the key elements of BDSM in your scene: set safe words before you begin. These are the verbal or physical commands that tell your partner to slow down or stop. They help you stay in scene and in character as the dirty doctor or naughty nurse or pervy patient while still maintaining your well-being. We are talking 'health' here, of course!

One of the sexiest ways to play with medical gear is to have an 'examination' — particularly an internal examination. To help with this scene, it helps to have a table or bed that is a little higher that can mimic an examination table, as well as something that can act as stirrups. If you don’t have them, well, the doctor’s shoulders are a sexy substitute for stirrups! You’ll need to rest your legs, as they’ll be propped up in the air!

Medical GearA speculum is inserted into the vagina or anus and is then opened, exposing the interior of the orifice. One thing to remember is to use plenty of lube to make this happen. The nurse can then explore the patient with this significant access. This act is particularly strong in the dominant/submissive element. Being so exposed, so open, can be a significant turn on for people who are submissive. They are giving themselves - inside and out - to the dominating doctor.

Another exciting way to play with medical gear is with wartenberg wheels. These little devices look particularly cruel. They are a small, spiked wheel on the end of a handle. And yes, they can be prickly, but when that wheel is run over naked flesh, the sensation is electric. Doctors will use it to assess nerve sensation and our medical scene patients will certainly feel some particularly intense sensations! You’ll want to crawl all over the examination table in prickly ecstasy while the doctor tries to examine you. They might even need to tie you down!

How can I buy medical gear?

Is the thought of doctor and nurse, and any other darker desires, turning you on? We thought it might be! If you would like to purchase your own medical gear to act out your fantasies, just head on over to our medical gear category: Buy Medical Gear.

Need more help?

Not quite sure which medical gear is right for you and need a little help choosing? Just Contact Customer Care and a staff member from the Cherry Banana team will be in touch right away to assist you. Alternatively, you can explore our other bondage and fetish guides here.

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