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Buyer's Guide to Adult Books

Sex MagazinesReading and sexiness go hand-in-hand. Sure, we all dream of finding hot people with amazing bodies that quench all of our needy desires and thirsts. But, you may be surprised to learn that many people are also very turned on by hotties who also read.

Gone are the days when reading was considered nerdy or dull. Gone are the days when curling up with a good book was something the lonely did on a Saturday night. Nowadays, finding someone to discuss what they’re finding between the pages is just as sexy as (hopefully) finding them in between the sheets. And there’s a good reason for this: more people are reading about sex!

Liberated from backrooms and the restricted sections of libraries, adult sex books are a hot item in more ways than one. We’ve entered a new time when more and more people are seeking out information and stories about sex to, not only, understand more about themselves and how they can have sex better, but also to understand more about other people. Because, really, that is the best way to learn more about how to have better sex!

The different types of adult books:


EroticaDid you know that one of the bestselling books in the world is an erotic trilogy? When Fifty Shades of Grey came out, it took the sex and literary world by storm. Not only were folks eager to share in the BDSM-themed adventures, but it proved something a lot of people already knew - people love reading about sex. There are erotica collections and novels to pique everybody’s sexual interests, from romance to kinky sex. The creativity of erotica writers from around the world ensures that you’re going to discover new and compelling characters, scenes and sensations every time you turn the pages of titillation.

Guide books

Guide booksLearning about sex and how to better help your partner and yourself to greater heights of pleasure is much easier to do now than it used to be. This isn’t to say people have been writing sexual guidebooks forever (the Kama Sutra, for instance), but now they are easier to find and access than anytime before. Sexual guidebooks offer a unique way to explore ideas and desires you are curious about. Reading is still our primary educational tool and, really, sex is a lifelong learning adventure. These sex guides can be about positions, techniques and some even offer photographic examples to help with the learning. Sex guidebooks are available in every aspect of sex and sexuality to expand your sexual journey.

Humour books

Humour booksSometimes we take sex a little too serious. Really, it is an important and weighty subject, especially in times of so much positive change, such as our current climate. However, the best way to ensure that we’re still having lots of fun with sex is by ensuring we take some time to laugh about it. Sure, we focus on the pleasure side of sex, but lots of funny things can happen during sexytimes. And reading about those humorous instances can make us giggle and get horny at the same time.

Non-fiction books

Non-Fiction booksPart of learning about sex and what can make it more pleasurable for you and your partner is understanding the thoughts, concerns and ideas that are floating around in the world about sex. People are coming up with amazing new theories and techniques to better our sex lives all of the time. And now is the time for amazing sexual discussion. Through an amazing array of sex-themed adult books, we can learn about the sexual thoughts and experiences all-around the world - and then bring those ideas to our community and bedrooms.

And the best part of adult books? They're great for snuggling up and reading together!

I'm ready to buy some adult books, what's next?

If you would like to buy your own adult books, we have quite the range that's sure to satisfy any desire. We recommend you browse our full range of adult books here: Buy Adult Books.

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